Get your hybrid in gear at Chapel Hill Tire!

You love your hybrid – and so do we.

Why choose Chapel Hill Tire to care for your hybrid vehicle?

Chapel Hill Tire is the Triangle’s ONLY independent certified hybrid repair center. We’ve been providing top-notch car care for more than 60 years, and we haven’t stopped yet. As cars advance, so does our care!

We even practice what we preach — while we work on your car, our FREE hybrid shuttle will take you anywhere you want to go. We offer a 3-year/36,000 mile warranty that beats any dealership, hands down!

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What makes a hybrid so different?

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Electric Motor Drive

It’s electric! A hybrid has two sources of power, an electric motor and a gasoline motor.

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Regenerative Braking

Did you know that hybrids can recharge their own batteries, just by slowing down?

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Auto Start & Shutoff

With hybrids, stop means stop. The gas engine shuts off by itself at a standstill, saving fuel!

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More Than One Battery

Hybrids have a regular car battery and a more robust battery that powers the electric motor.

If your hybrid needs some TLC, come to Chapel Hill Tire.

We’ll service your hybrid so you can keep on driving in comfort.

Our services include:

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Battery Replacement

Not just anyone can handle a hybrid battery. We’ll replace yours at a fraction of dealership cost.

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Inverter Tune-Up

It’s the brain of your engine, and we know how it thinks. We can repair your inverter or replace it for less.

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Transmission Repair

Whether your hybrid’s transmission is standard or something else entirely, we can service it.