Chapel Hill Tire: it’s all in the name.

We’re the Triangle’s full-service tire care and repair center!

Why choose Chapel Hill Tire for tire services?

No one knows tires like we do! Since 1953, Chapel Hill Tire has been the Triangle’s most trusted provider of tires and tire services. When you buy your tires and purchase a Tire Protection Plan, you get complimentary flat repairs for the life of your tires, plus protection against road hazards like potholes and road debris that may damage your tires beyond repair. In the case of damage, we offer 100% replacement for a year, 50% the next year, and 25% for the third. This nationwide road hazard warranty beats any dealership, hands down!

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How do you know when it’s time for new tires?

penny icon

Shallow Tread

Insert a penny head first into the tread. If Lincoln’s head shows, you need new tires.

tire wear icon

Wear and Tear

When you begin to see bands perpendicular to your tread, it’s too worn. Time to come in!

Flat Tire

Cracks or Cuts

Look at the sides of your tires. Are they cracked? Then they’re showing their age.

tire bubble icon

Bulges or Bubbles

If you can see strange shapes on your sidewalls, something’s up. Get it checked!

If your tires need help, try Chapel Hill Tire.

We’ll service, align, rotate or replace your tires so you can keep on rolling in comfort.

Our services include:

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Basic Tire Services

Chapel Hill Tire lives up to its name. Whether we’re fixing your flat or straightening out that shimmy, we’ll get you in, out, and back on the road in a hurry … with better tires!

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Tire Protection Plan

The Tire Protection Plan includes an unmatched range of complimentary replacements, flat fixes and other services for the life of your tires.

tire pressure icon

NitroFill™ Technology

NitroFill™ replaces the air in your tires with nitrogen, ensuring your air pressure stays constant over time. You get better road handling and longer lifespan. Cool, huh?