A/C problems? Beat the heat at Chapel Hill Tire!

When your A/C is acting up, Chapel Hill Tire will cool you down.

Why choose Chapel Hill Tire for A/C repair?

We’ve been providing the Triangle with top-notch car care for more than 60 years.

We offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty that beats your dealership’s, hands down, and our FREE shuttle takes you anywhere you want to go while we work on your car.

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How do you know it might be time for a little A/C help from the pros? Look for these warning signs:

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Warm Air

If your air is slowly losing its cool, it’s time to come in for an A/C inspection.

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Poor Performance

Is your air flow weak? Does your A/C feel intermittent? Then talk to the pros.

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Strange Noises

Bumps and bangs are not good things. A noisy A/C needs service, fast!


Bad Smells

If your A/C needs cleaning, your nose will know. It’s time to come in!

If your car is warning you about your A/C, come to Chapel Hill Tire.

We'll check its performance, recharge your system, talk to you about any needed repairs, and get you back on the road in comfort.

Our services include:


Regular Maintenance

Without maintenance, your A/C becomes less efficient. We’ll make sure yours stays running at peak performance.

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A/C System Recharge

R-12 or R-134a? We know which one you need! We’ll inspect your system for leaks and top it off with the right refrigerant.

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Part Replacement

Compressors, condensers, accumulators, oh my! If we can’t repair your part we can replace it, fast.