A/C Service

When spring comes, it feels good to roll down the windows and let the air in. But eventually, spring’s nice temperatures will give way to sweltering summers, and it will be time to rely on the relief of your car’s A/C.

A summertime drive in North Carolina is painful without air conditioning. Are you keeping this essential feature in good shape?

With a few simple tips, you can keep your air conditioning in peak condition through even the hottest weather.

Air it out.

To beat the heat, it can help to vent your car before you turn on your A/C. If you have time before you start driving, open the doors for a few minutes to let in the breeze. If you don’t, roll down all the windows as you start your trip, turn on the blower, and allow some of the heat to dissipate before you roll up the windows and turn the A/C on. You can also switch to recirculation mode. If your A/C doesn’t have to constantly cool hot air from outside, it won’t have to work as hard.

Replace that poor overlooked cabin air filter.

Did you know that your car has two air filters? You may be familiar with the engine air filter that gets checked with every oil change. Less well-known is the cabin air filter, which cleans the air that blows into the body of your car. It keeps pollen, dust, and all those yucky air particles outside so you can enjoy fresh air inside.

To get the best air quality you can, keep a watchful eye on your cabin filter. All those allergens eventually build up; trust us, these things get gross! Just like the air filter in your home A/C, your cabin air filter needs to be replaced. If you make regular inspections and replacements, you’ll be breathing clean, pure air every time you drive.

Keep things in good condition.

Your car’s A/C will benefit from an annual checkup and maintenance. The system depends on refrigerant, which needs to be at just the right level to perform optimally. Refrigerant is an invisible gas, so finding leaks can be tricky; Chapel Hill Tire can input an ultraviolet dye that makes leaks easier to detect. You should also have the condenser inspected for blocks or leaks.

Although it’s good to perform these services on an ongoing basis, it’s particularly important to do so just before the hot weather sets in. If the summer months are coming and you need your A/C serviced, come on in to Chapel Hill Tire. We perform a range of services, including inspecting A/C systems, installing different types of refrigerant, and performing a diagnostic of malfunctioning A/C units. We’ll keep you cool all summer long.

Air Conditioning Services

  • A/C Service
  • A/C System Diagnosis
  • R134a Refrigerant
  • A/C Component Replacement

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And while you’re at it, beat your local dealership’s service warranty — ours is 3 years/36,000 miles. Chapel Hill Tire: keepin’ it cool, one mile at a time.