NC Emissions Testing

Everything You Need to Know About North Carolina Emissions Inspection

What is an Emissions Inspection? As our country works to reduce the daily production of harmful emissions, the automotive industry has taken the initiative to offer fuel-efficient vehicle features. Low-emissions automotive practices are gradually becoming a requirement by states and counties nationwide. In 22 North Carolina counties, your vehicle will need to pass an emissions …


Do I Need New Tires?

How Often Should You Buy New Tires? Keeping your tires in ideal condition can help you protect your rims and keep your car running efficiently. With that being said, new tires can also be costly depending on the type of tires you have, which is why balancing the best time to buy new tires is …

Hunter Tire Machine at Chapel Hill Tire

Introducing Hunter’s Auto34S Tire Changer Machine at Chapel Hill Tires

Touchless Tire Changing at Chapel Hill Tire Step into the future of automotive service with Hunter’s new Auto34S tire changing machine at Chapel Hill Tires. This advanced machine makes quick and precise tire service easier than ever. Learn more here about the Hunter tire machine and how it will elevate your service experience when you …