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We Offer Comprehensive Services at Chapel Hill Tire

When you buy something at a regular store, you’re not shocked at the checkout line with an invented bill and mystery charges you never saw coming. We think automotive shops should operate the same way. That’s why we put real prices on services at Chapel Hill Tire, and why we will always talk to you first if anything changes with your vehicle’s service needs.

We’ve worked hard to build a business based on honesty and transparency, and the Triangle has trusted our family-owned shop for more than 60 years.

New customers get $20 off any service, and our services come with a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty that’s sure to beat your dealership’s.

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State Emissions Inspection


State Safety Inspection


Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection


Trip Check


5w20 Synthetic-blend Oil Change


5w30 Synthetic-blend Oil Change


5w30 Full Synthetic Oil Change


5w40 Full Synthetic European Oil Change


0w20 Full Synthetic Oil Change


Air Filter


*most cars

Cabin Air Filter


*most cars

A/C Performance Check and System Recharge (R134a freon)


A/C Performance Check and System Recharge (R1234YF freon)


Check Engine Diagnostics


Test Starting & Charging System


Front Brake Pad Replacement


*most cars

Rear Brake Pad Replacement


*most cars

Visual Brake Inspection


Comprehensive Brake Inspection

(includes inspecting all brake system hydraulic components, including master cylinder, brake lines, and calipers and measuring brake pad and rotor thickness with micrometer to verify against manufacturer recommended specifications)


Brake Fluid Flush


Alignment Inspections




Speciality Alignment

(20" diameter wheels or larger, heavy duty trucks, modified vehicles and Europeans vehicles)


Specialty Alignment - Tesla


Brake Fluid Flush


Power Steering Flush


Coolant Flush


Fuel Injection Service


Transmission Fluid Flush


4x4 Driveline Service


Front Differential Fluid Service


Rear Differential Fluid Service


Transfer Case Full Synthetic Fluid Service


Manual Transmission Full Synthetic Fluid Service


Engine Performance Restoration (EPR)


Wiper Blades

$14.95 to $24.95

Test/Check Starting and Charging System

Includes battery, starter, and alternator


Battery Replacement


Cleaning Battery Terminals


Replace Battery Terminal Ends


Headlight Restoration Service


Trailer Hitch Installation

Prices vary*

Bike Rack Hitch Installation

Prices vary*

Cargo Carrier Hitch Installation

*Prices vary based on your desired hitch and your vehicle. Call or visit us today for a free quote.

Prices vary*

Lift Kit Installation

Custom Pricing

Lift Kit Maintenance

Custom Pricing