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Premium Hand Wash

Chapel Hill Tire helps you Drive Happy with our world-class mechanic services. To provide the most comprehensive level of care possible, we now offer car wash and detailing services. Our local mechanics offer four impressive car wash and detailing packages. Let’s take a closer look at the Drive Happy & Shine Car Wash and Detailing package

Step 1: Hand Car Wash

While running through a car wash with bright lights and colors may seem fun, machine washes are often ineffective. Our professionals start by washing the exterior of your car by hand. We use professional-grade techniques to leave your car looking spotless. 

Step 2: Towel Dry

Air drying and automatic blow dryers are also ineffective—leaving behind hard water marks. To avoid hard water stains and ensure your car shines, our car wash and detailing experts towel dry the exterior of your vehicle by hand. 

Step 3: Complete Interior Wipe Down, Including Windows

Naturally, the interior of your car collects smudges, streaks, and other marks over time. Not only are these marks unsightly, but they can also spell trouble long-term for leather or fabric interiors. Our car wash and detailing experts thoroughly wipe down the inside of your car and windows. 

Step 4: Complete Car Vacuum

Car crumbs can attract ants and other bugs. Not to mention, they affect the smell and appearance of your interior. During your Drive Happy & Shine service, our professionals thoroughly vacuum your seats, floormats, and interior to eliminate the dust, dirt, sand, crumbs, pollen, and other debris your car has collected during your commutes. Our detailing equipment gets deep into the crevices that standard vacuums cannot reach. 

Step 5: Protective Wax

Your car’s paint contains a clear coat to help protect your car from scratches, UV rays, pollen, sap, rust, and corrosion. Over time, this clear coat weakens, leaving your vehicle vulnerable. Regular protective wax can help maintain this protection. Our detailing experts use a professional-grade orbital buffer to apply a protective wax to the exterior of your vehicle.

Step 6: Polish By Hand

Finally, our local experts ensure your vehicle shines by polishing it by hand. Polishing can help reduce the appearance of small scratches and dents. Turn heads and keep your car shining for longer with our detailed polishing service.

How Much Does the Drive Happy & Shine Car Wash Cost?

Our car wash and detailing service pricing is both transparent and accessible for drivers:

  • $99.00

Please keep in mind that proper car wash and detailing services can take time. We recommend booking a Drive Happy & Shine for your drop-off car care service, shuttle service, or pick-up/delivery appointment so that you are not stuck waiting in our lobby during this extended service. 

Mobile Detailing Services

High-quality detailing can take time, and we understand that drivers do not always have the schedule for it. That is why our experts will come to you! Enjoy a Drive Happy & Shine car wash/detail from the comfort of your home or office with Chapel Hill Tire’s new mobile detailing service. Our mobile detailing service areas extend to:

…and beyond! Simply download our app from the Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store to get started today.


  • Premium Hand Wash


Car Wash and Detailing Near Me

You can get your car washed while getting the services your car needs at Chapel Hill Tire. We currently offer the Drive Happy and Shine Car Wash + Detailing at all Chapel Hill Tire locations, including:

Add a car wash and detailing service to your Chapel Hill Tire appointment. We invite you to make an appointment here online, browse our promotions, or give us a call to get started today!