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A/C Services

Car AC Repair in Raleigh, Apex, Cary, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro

Your car’s A/C will benefit from an annual checkup and maintenance. The system depends on refrigerant, which needs to be at just the right level to perform optimally. Refrigerant is an invisible gas, so finding leaks can be tricky; Chapel Hill Tire can input an ultraviolet dye that makes leaks easier to detect. You should also have the condenser inspected for blocks or leaks.

Although it’s good to perform car A/C services on an ongoing basis, it’s particularly important to do so just before the hot weather sets in.

What is the Deal with Car AC Freon?

If your car’s air conditioner stops working, the most likely culprit is low freon. As mentioned above, your air conditioner needs just the right amount of freon to work properly. However, refilling/recharging your freon is just the first step to this repair. Why? Air conditioners circulate freon in a sealed system. Unlike an oil change, for example, you do not require regular freon refills or maintenance flushes. The only time you will find your car’s air conditioning freon low is when you have a leak. (Read more here in our comprehensive guide to AC services.)

There are two kinds of freon on the market today:

  • R134a freon: Standard in cars manufactured between 1995 and 2021; however, many car brands made the switch sooner. This freon is better for the environment than the earlier R-12, but it was ultimately phased out for R1234YF.
  • R1234YF freon: The new default freon is R1234YF. This refrigerant is eco-friendly and standard in all new vehicles manufactured in the US and the EU.

You can find more information in our guide to AC freon here.

Car air conditioning services include:

You may also need a part replacement, such as for a failing compressor, condenser, or sensor. Beat the North Carolina heat with Car AC Repair and Diagnostic Services from Chapel Hill Tire.

Schedule Your Chapel Hill Tire Car AC Service Appointment

Check out our service coupons for a discount off of our everyday low prices. If you need car AC Service or Repair in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, or Carrboro, the team at Chapel Hill Tire will get you in, out, and back on the road (with a fixed AC). When you schedule an A/C service with Chapel Hill Tire, be sure to ask about our maintenance guarantee, too. We beat most dealerships’ offers with our 3-year/36,000-mile warranty. Visit your nearest Chapel Hill Tire location for high-quality Car AC repair near me today!

A/C Services Costs

  • A/C Performance Check and System Recharge (R134a freon)


  • A/C Performance Check and System Recharge (R1234YF freon)


• Diagnose system for visible leaks
• Inspect drive belts and verify compressor operation
• Recharge A/C system with R134a Freon
• Insert leak detection dye into system and inspect

Note: If the vehicle has a slow system leak it may take a while for the dye to be detectable. Customer may need to return in a week for a free inspection of the air conditioning system.

Why Choose Chapel Hill Tire for A/C Services?

If you need your A/C serviced, come on in to Chapel Hill Tire. We perform a range of services, including inspecting A/C systems, installing different types of refrigerant, and performing a diagnostic of malfunctioning A/C units. Our expert technicians will service your car and get you in, out and on with your life.