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Road Force Tire Balancing

Local Tire Balancing Service

To keep your vehicle moving smoothly and steadily, your tires must evenly bear the weight of your vehicle. However, poor road conditions and turbulent driving can throw your tires out of balance. Unbalanced tires will interfere with your axle and suspension, causing wheel vibrations and other driving disturbances. They can also create uneven tread wear, which shortens the lifespan of your tires. When this happens, a Chapel Hill Tire balancing service can help.

What is Tire Balancing?

Tire balancing is the process of identifying where your tires are out of balance, then correcting it through match mounting. This is done in two parts:

  • Road force tire balancing technology: The latest road force tire balancing technology carefully calculates how your tire interacts with the road. It will account for different sources of imbalance, such as sidewall issues, rim bends, and internal tire balancing components.
  • Match mounting: Once the road force balancing technology has identified how your tire is meeting the road, an expert will synthesize this information to determine how your tire should be placed on your wheel. They will then re-mount your tires, carefully matching your tire placement to the proper point on your rims.

If your tires are internally out of balance, a mechanic may add small weights to even this distribution. These services will collectively restore the balance of your tires, as well as your smooth driving experience.

Do I Need to Get My Tires Balanced?

Tire balancing is NOT a routine service, so you do not need it based on your vehicle’s mileage or age. Instead, tire balancing is only necessary when you are experiencing an issue. Some drivers, particularly those with expensive rims, choose to get their tires regularly balanced as a preventative measure.

The primary symptom of imbalanced tires is wheel shaking, especially at higher speeds. It can be easy to mistake this for warped rotors, bent rims, alignment issues, and other vehicle troubles. If you are not sure whether you need tire balancing or another service, the experts at Chapel Hill Tire can take a look for you.

Rotate and Balance: Free Tire Rotation

Unfortunately, when your tires are out of balance, they are also facing uneven wear on the road. Our Chapel Hill Tire values prioritize you—we want to help protect your tires and your vehicle. This is why we offer our tire Rotate and Balance service. This is the same everyday-low price of a tire balance with the addition of a FREE tire rotation. For an even better deal on your next tire service, check out our Chapel Hill Tire coupons and promotions page. 

Tire Balancing Costs

  • Tire Balancing


  • Road Force Tire Balancing


  • Rotate and Balance


Tire Balancing in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Apex, Carrboro, and Cary

When you are due for a tire balancing service, bring your vehicle to the specialists at Chapel Hill Tire. Our experts offer quick, experienced tire balancing that will have you in, out, and driving happy. We have 11 convenient locations throughout the greater Triangle area, including our mechanics in Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro. Contact your nearest Chapel Hill Tire location today or make your appointment here online to get started.