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10 Tips to Help Your Tires Last Longer

It often seems the tires are easy to damage and hard to protect. However, simple care routines and driving modifications can help extend the lifespan of your tires. Try these 10 tips to help your tires last longer, brought to you by the experts at Chapel Hill Tire. 

Using the Right Tire Season

Most drivers buy all-season tires, which—as the name suggests—are equipped to handle all seasons. However, if you have specialty tires, such as summer (performance) tires or winter tires, you may run into issues that can shorten your tire lifespan.

  • Summer tires are not designed to drive in cooler temperatures, as the rubber begins to harden below roughly 45 degrees. This decreases traction to an unsafe level.
  • Winter tires are not designed to drive in warmer temperatures, as the rubber composition wears away at increased rates in temperatures above roughly 45 degrees.

These issues will not only shorten the lifespan of your tires, but they will also often present safety risks. Driving your tires in the right season can help them last longer—here is our full guide to tire seasons to help you along. 

Safe and Steady Driving

We’ve all seen NASCAR races where a driver’s tire tread is constantly depleted or even torn to pieces. The drivers often require multiple sets of tires during the race, even though these are race-worthy performance tires designed for this kind of action. This rapid tire decline is caused by the harsh turbulence that their tires face during the intense driving conditions. 

While you may not be engaging in a NASCAR-worthy commute, the same kind of logic applies to regular tires. The harsher your turns, accelerations, and stops are, the quicker they will deteriorate your tires. You can help keep your tires protected by practicing safe and steady driving practices. If you are prone to more exciting adventures on the road, you can help keep your tires protected by making sure you have performance tires that are created to withstand the action. 

Regular Tire Rotation Services

Your front tires tend to face enhanced friction on the road while steering. Regular tire rotations are designed to help keep your tires protected. By regularly rotating your tires, you can evenly distribute this additional wear, which keeps your tires preserved as a set. 

Avoid Road Hazards

You will probably not be surprised to learn that frequently driving over road hazards can shorten the lifespan of your drive. While it may not always be within your control, safely avoiding road hazards—such as potholes and manhole covers—can help you keep your tires protected. 

Maintaining Proper Tire Pressure

Tire Pressure is one of the most crucial factors to tire protection—as well as one of the easiest to disrupt. Tire pressure can change with temperature, driving conditions, and more. 

  • Over-inflated tires: Overinflation can change the way your tire meets the road—often pushing the center of your tires out further than usual. This will cause heightened and uneven tire wear. High tire pressure can also put your tire at risk for a blowout. 
  • Under-inflated tires: Low tire pressure causes more of your tire surface area to meet the road, which can create sidewall damage and increased tread declination.

It is essential that you regularly check and refill your tires, and make sure that you do not over inflate or under inflate them during each refill. If you run into problems, you can leave this task to the professionals. You may even be able to score free tire recalls. For example, experts at Chapel Hill Tire give you a free tire pressure check and refill during each oil change visit.

Quick Alignment Service

Wheel alignment troubles will cause your tires to meet the road in uneven patterns. Naturally, this will cause the portion of your tire facing higher pressure to endure more severe friction and tread wear. The key here is a quick tire alignment service. If you wait to get your tires aligned when necessary, you will begin to notice uneven tire traction, which shortens the lifespan of your tires.

Tire Balancing Services

When one or more of your tires is out of balance, it will rotate faster than the rest of your tires. While your other tires will remain protected, the out of balance tire(s) will face enhanced wear. Thankfully, tire balancing services can quickly and easily restore your tire protection; however, much like tire alignment, you must get this service completed before the damage is done. 

Avoid the Road Shoulders

Many drivers who experienced a nail in their tire wonder, “How did this happen?” While sometimes tires catch nails that are kicked up by another vehicle, most road discard is brushed onto the shoulders. The road shoulders do not have the same flat, even surfaces as the road itself, which may leave nails and other hazards sticking upwards. When a driver veers off course, nails, glass, and metal shards can more easily create punctured or flat tires. While it may be unavoidable, it is best to try and stay far away from the road’s shoulders. 

Parking in your Garage

The Sun’s UV rays can break down the rubber compounds of your tires. By engaging in mindful parking, such as parking in your garage and shaded public spots, you can help keep your tires protected. If you have no choice but to park outdoors, make sure that you drive your car regularly. You may also consider using a vehicle cover to help keep your tires protected.

Tire Warranty | Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan

When you invest in a new set of tires, you want to ensure that you keep them protected. Thankfully, this is easy at first if you purchase a tire warranty. Chapel Hill Tire’s warranty, for example, includes free replacements within the first 3 years. It also features lifetime tire refills and puncture repairs. While the cost of a tire warranty will depend on the tire you purchase, this protection is also surprisingly affordable. You can view the costs of our optional warranty agreements in the “See out the door price” button of our free Tire Finder search.

Tire Maintenance and Replacement | Chapel Hill Tire 

For trusted tire service, the experts at Chapel Hill Tire are here for you. We can help you keep your tires protected for as long as possible. When they have reached the end of their lifespan, you can also find the lowest prices—guaranteed—on a new set of tires. Make an appointment with the experts at Chapel Hill Tire to get started today!

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