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Interior Detailing Services

If your car’s interior isn’t looking its best, you (and your vehicle!) can benefit from interior detailing services. From stain removal and odor elimination to thorough cleanings of surfaces and carpet shampooing, interior detailing can make your vehicle’s interior look as good as new. As you consider investing in car detailing services for your vehicle, find out more about Chapel Hill Tire’s interior detailing services and the benefits of receiving them.

Why Do Drivers Need Interior Car Detailing Services?

While you can wipe off your dashboard and vacuum your vehicle, interior detailing takes cleaning your car to the next level. With interior car detailing services, you can enhance your vehicle’s comfort, preserve the vehicle’s value, and protect the vehicle’s upholstery. As you consider receiving this service, review the primary benefits of interior detailing services below:

  • Effective removal of stains
  • Improved air quality through the removal of allergens, like dust and pollen, in the car
  • Increased car value and longer lifespans for many interior components
  • Better looking and smelling interior
  • Greater protection for upholstery
  • Safer driving without clutter or dirty windows getting in your way

Our Exterior and Interior Car Detailing Services

When you bring your car in for a detailing appointment at Chapel Hill Tire, we have multiple detailing services you can take advantage of. Review our full selection of exterior and interior car detailing services below:

How Much Does Interior Car Detailing Cost?

Comprehensive interior detailing costs start at $165 with Chapel Hill Tire. Review our service page for the most up-to-date prices and services.

How Long Does a Car Interior Detail Take?

Typically, interior detailing services take somewhere between two to six hours. However, the length of time it takes to complete a detailing job can vary based on the vehicle’s size, the interior’s complexity, the vehicle’s condition, and any extra services you might add. Expect your detailing appointment to take longer if you have a more complex interior to clean, your vehicle is in poor condition, or your vehicle is larger than average.

Interior Detailing

  • Interior Detailing


*Depending on condition of the vehicle

Schedule an Interior Detailing Appointment at Chapel Hill Tire

If you need interior detailing services in Durham, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, or the surrounding areas, turn to Chapel Hill Tire. Whether you’re looking for just interior detailing services or want a full detailing package that includes the exterior of your car, we have a service right for you. During an interior detailing service appointment, you can expect our team members to treat your car with utmost care. Before you make an appointment, make sure to check out our available promotions to see if you can save on your next detailing appointment!

If you’re ready to receive our detailing services, please make an appointment at one of our many Triangle area locations.