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Car Service Costs – What to Expect

Affordable Car Service in Raleigh, Durham, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill

Vehicle services often bring inconvenient and unexpected costs, and these visits can quickly add up to throw off your monthly budget. Car service costs commonly appear in two different forms: preventative costs and repair costs. Staying aware of these prices and the impact they can have on your budget can help you prepare for your vehicle service visits. Here is what you can expect from the costs of popular vehicle maintenance visits and service repairs:

State Inspection Costs

If your annual state inspection date is approaching, you can expect to pay a mechanic for the completed inspection and any repairs that you may need to pass. There are a few different types of state inspections, including the State Emissions Inspection, State Safety Inspection, Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection, and Trip Check. Whether you need an inspection for your preventative maintenance or your annual tag renewal, this service cost can vary.

  • State Safety Inspection: $ 13.60
  • State Emissions Inspection: $30.00
  • Trip Check: $25.00
  • Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection: $104.95

These costs do not consider any deals or promotions that you might find on the site. You should check back before scheduling your appointment to ensure that you get the lowest price possible on your North Carolina state inspection. 

Oil Change Costs

Looking for a quick and affordable oil change? You might be wondering, “How much does an oil change cost?”  The exact price of an oil change depends on your vehicle type, the oil it requires, the filter cost, and more; however, oil change costs are always much less than the repair costs for damages that your engine can incur without them. The baseline cost of an oil change are as follows:

  • 5w20 Synthetic blend oil change: $49.95
  • 5w30 Full Synthetic oil change: $73.70
  • 5w40 Full Synthetic European oil change: $88.95
  • 0w20 Full Synthetic oil change: $73.70

The cost of your oil change includes the expert service, the cost of the oil (up to five full quarts), the cost of the filter, as well as an air filter check, a fluid levels check, a tire pressure check, and an inspection of your vehicle’s belts and hoses. This comprehensive vehicle care will help keep your car working well for as long as possible. 

Brake Replacement Costs

Regular brake replacement is important for your vehicle’s health and safety while on the road. The exact costs of your new brake pads varies slightly based on your vehicle type, however, the standard costs for brake services include:

  • Front brake pad replacement: Varies by vehicle
  • Rear brake pad replacement: Varies by vehicle
  • Visual Brake Inspection: $28.60
  • Comprehensive brake inspection: $37.50
  • Brake Fluid Flush: $144.95

Regular brake services can help keep you safe while on the road. If you are wondering, “Do I need to change my brake pads?” Chapel Hill Tire has created a brake pad replacement guide to help you navigate brake service scheduling.

Tire Repair Costs

Replacing your tires can be expensive, which is why your first recourse should always be to attempt a tire repair. By partnering with a mechanic that specializes in tire care, you can find the professional care that will help you save your tire. These tire services can also prevent damage to your tires and your vehicle as a whole.

  • Flat Repair: $34.99
  • Tire Rotation: $25.00
  • Tire Balance: $68.00
  • Rotate & Balance: $48.00
  • Road Force Tire Balance: $140.00

If your tire proves to be beyond repair, you should find a tire expert with the lowest possible prices. Look for a Price Beat Guarantee, which ensures a lower cost than your most affordable estimate. 

Car Repair and Service Coupons | How to Save on Repairs

Check your preferred vehicle service location for coupons and deals that might help you save money. You can also save money on services by keeping up with regular vehicle maintenance. This maintenance prevents larger and more costly damages from happening to your vehicle and your engine. 

Car Repair Near Me

The professionals at Chapel Hill Tire work hard to ensure that our customers get exceptional care at affordable prices. You can find the full range of car services and repairs at any of our eight Triangle-area locations, including those in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro. Make an appointment with Chapel Hill Tire to schedule your quick and affordable service visit. 

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