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Lift Kit Service

Vehicle Lift Kit Service in Raleigh 

If you like to venture beyond the beaten path, you may be considering taking your vehicle higher with a lift kit. Chapel Hill Tire of Crabtree in Raleigh now offers lift kit service for trucks and SUVs. Read more here or give our mechanics a call today to learn more.

What is the Benefit of Lifted Trucks and SUVs?

One of the primary purposes of lifting a vehicle’s suspension is to provide space for larger tires and wheels. The lifted vehicle then offers a higher ground clearance, ideal for off-roading. Lift kits can also help improve your visibility on the road. Not to mention, many drivers also just like the look and feel of lifted vehicles. Their custom, staggering appearance partnered with the excitement of towering over other vehicles on the road can create a thrilling driving experience. 

Large Wheels and All-Terrain Tires in Raleigh

Once your vehicle is lifted, you have the space needed for upgrading to new, larger tires. Chapel Hill Tire has the oversized wheels and tires you need to finish the job. Explore our selection of all-terrain tires with our Tire Finder tool. You can also speak with our expert mechanics to learn more about which tires are the best fit for your custom lift. Chapel Hill Tire offers a Price Beat Guarantee, which ensures that you get the lowest price on your new set of off-roading tires.

Lift Kit Service and Maintenance

Lifted trucks and SUVs are often put to the test in off-roading adventures. These lift kits are so effective for off-roading because your raised suspension works to absorb disproportionate and magnified surface impact. For this reason, Chapel Hill Tire also offers lift kit service and maintenance. We recommend having your lift kit inspected each time you visit for an oil change. If you need replacement parts or lift kit service, Chapel Hill Tire of Crabtree has you covered. 

Vehicle Lift Kits in Raleigh | Chapel Hill Tire

While suspension lifts are the popular choice among North Carolina drivers, our Chapel Hill Tire of Crabtree experts also offer body lifts. Lift kit service and its pricing are customized completely based on your vehicle and preferences. This helps us keep costs accessible for our customers and ensure that each driver gets exactly what they are looking for. Chapel Hill Tire of Crabtree mechanics offer free lift kit pricing quotes to help you get started. Contact our experts or visit Chapel Hill Tire on Glenwood in Raleigh to discuss your lift kit preferences today!

Lift Kit Installation and Maintenance Costs

  • Lift Kit Installation

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  • Lift Kit Maintenance

    Custom Pricing

Why Choose Chapel Hill Tire Professional Lift Kit Service?

Drivers who choose to lift their vehicles are often those who value their truck or SUV and want to invest in its improvement. Why put your vehicle at risk with DIY or inexperienced lift kit service? When you choose Chapel Hill Tire of Crabtree, you are partnered with an experienced lift kit professional with certified expertise you can trust. In addition to our lift kits, we offer a comprehensive range of professional mechanic services. Chapel Hill Tire works to create a next-level mechanic experience with our customer-centered approach, service coupons, and innovative offerings. This includes text-to-pay, free shuttles, pickup/delivery service, text updates, and so much more. Read more about the Chapel Hill Tire experience here.