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4 Services for Keeping Your Engine in Tip-Top Shape

When it comes to taking care of your car, there is perhaps no component more important to protect than your engine. However, keeping your engine in top shape can require some careful consideration. Here are 4 services that can help you keep your engine running at peak performance. 

Engine Service 1: Regular Oil Changes

Routine oil changes are perhaps the most essential part of keeping your vehicle in top shape. These quick and affordable maintenance visits can prevent costly damage in your engine. This is because your oil provides lubricants to keep every engine component working together without friction. It also offers necessary engine cooling properties. Without adequate oil changes, devastating engine damage can happen quickly. It is important to maintain your oil change schedule to keep your engine in peak condition.

Engine Service 2: Air Filter Replacement

Your engine’s air filter collects debris, dust, and contaminants that would otherwise pose a risk to your engine’s health. These filters need to be changed regularly to remain effective. If your filter becomes too blocked with contaminants, it will prevent air from entering your engine’s combustion chambers. In the best-case scenario, clogged air filters will disrupt your car’s air/fuel mixture, causing low fuel efficiency and preventing a pass on your emissions inspection. In a worst-case scenario, this could become unsafe and cause costly vehicle damage. Thankfully, air filters are quick and affordable to replace, costing just $30 at your nearest Chapel Hill Tire location. 

Engine Service 3: Engine Performance Restoration

Engine Performance Restoration (EPR) is an engine cleaning service designed to improve your engine’s health and efficiency. Using professional-grade cleaning solutions, a mechanic can eliminate the heavy deposits that may be weighing on your engine. These deposits can trap heat and cause your engine to consume extra fuel. By cleaning out your engine, an EPR can create an immediate boost in performance and protect your engine from damage. 

Engine Service 4: Maintenance Flushes 

Your engine is composed of several different systems, each of which requires a unique set of care and attention. Many of these engine components contain unique fluid solutions that become depleted over time. This can cause system failures and create trouble for your engine as a whole. Maintenance flushes are designed to preserve your engine components by keeping them filled with fresh liquid solutions. Popular maintenance flushes include:


  • Power Steering Flush
  • Brake Fluid Flush
  • Coolant Flush
  • Rear Differential Fluid Service
  • Transfer Case Full Synthetic Fluid Service
  • Fuel Injection Service
  • Transmission Fluid Flush
  • 4×4 Driveline Service
  • Front Differential Fluid Service
  • Manual Transmission Full Synthetic Fluid Service


Importance of Proper Engine Care

You might try to push your engine care off as long as possible; however, this may lead to trouble and cause you to miss out on some of the benefits of engine care. Here is a look at the major benefits you can expect from proper engine maintenance:

  • Improved driving performance: You can enjoy a smoother ride when you give your engine the care it needs.
  • Longer vehicle lifespan: When your engine is well taken care of, it will last longer and increase the life expectancy of your vehicle. 
  • Improved retail value: If you think you will trade-in or sell your vehicle at some point, you can get more for your car if your engine works well and has received proper care. 
  • Fewer needed repairs: Engine repairs can be expensive and inconvenient. You can prevent these costs and avoid the hassle of repair with preventative engine care.
  • More environmentally-friendly: When your engine doesn’t have the care it needs, it may use more gasoline to compensate for issues. Proper care will help you save money and reduce your environmental impact. 

Chapel Hill Tire: Local Engine Services

Here at Chapel Hill Tire, we have the tools, experience, and services you need to keep your engine running at peak performance. With 8 Triangle-area mechanic locations—including Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Carrboro—you can find a Chapel Hill Tire shop no matter where your schedule takes you. If you are worried about driving with a compromised engine, our experts will come to you with our free pick-up/delivery service. Make an appointment here online to get started today!

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