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4 Ways Wheel Alignment Can Save You Money

Tire alignment may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of routine maintenance for your car, but it is a crucial aspect of keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape. Whether you want to reduce costly repair bills, improve your car’s lifespan, or save money, wheel alignment services are essential. If you’ve noticed that your vehicle is pulling to one side or making noises while turning, it’s time to bring your car into the shop for a wheel alignment.

If you’re debating whether a wheel alignment is worth the cost, review the top four ways regular wheel alignment maintenance can save you money.

1. Better Fuel Efficiency

When your wheels are out of alignment, they make your engine work harder. The tires will create an increased amount of drag on your vehicle, and your engine will have to compensate by consuming more gas to keep your car moving forward. More gas consumption means more trips to the gas station and more money spent at the pump.

Properly aligned wheels won’t fight against each other to keep your vehicle moving straight, resulting in improved fuel efficiency. Plus, getting them checked out is as simple as bringing them into your local shop for a tire service appointment. You may have seen some things about DIY alignment online, but it’s a time-consuming job, and it can be very difficult to replicate the results that you would get by sticking to a professional.

2. Improved Tire Lifespan

Are your tires showing wear and tear earlier than they should be? Your alignment could be the culprit. No matter how severe the alignment issue is, improperly aligned wheels will damage your tires over time. Even a small issue could reduce the lifespan of your tires by thousands of miles!

Ideally, a set of tires should last about six to ten years with regular use, and a new set of tires usually costs around $600.00. While you’ll need to get new tires eventually, delaying that process with routine tire alignment services will end up saving you a chunk of change in the long run.

3. Reduced Risk of Costly Repair Bills 

Your tires aren’t the only part of your car affected by faulty wheel alignment. For example, suspension and brake systems can also accrue wear and tear over time if your vehicle’s alignment is off. A suspension repair can cost between $1,000 – $5,000, depending on the severity of the damage and where you take your vehicle. That’s a huge amount of money compared to a visit for alignment maintenance.

When your tires aren’t properly aligned, they can develop different amounts of traction, leading to issues with your brake system not being able to apply the pressure needed to stop your vehicle. Alongside the high costs of brake and suspension repairs, issues with your brakes and suspension can be extremely dangerous. An alignment check is a quick and easy way to give you the peace of mind that you and your passengers are traveling safely.

4. Increased Resale Value 

If you’ve been thinking about upgrading your vehicle, it’s important to make sure that your old vehicle is in the best condition possible before putting it on the market. Prospective buyers want to get the most for their money, and you want the best possible value for your vehicle.

A car with properly aligned wheels and tires that are in good shape will net you a better sale than one that has had its maintenance neglected. Additionally, a comprehensive repair history is a major selling point for buyers, and having regular alignment checks on your vehicle’s maintenance reports is crucial to selling your car.

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