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5 Dead Battery Tips and Tricks To Keep You Moving

As the weather begins cooling down, drivers often find themselves stranded with a dead battery. However, there are still some tips and tricks that may be able to help you make it to a mechanic for a battery replacement. The local auto service mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire are here with insight. 

Check Your Engine Oil

If your car is having a hard time turning over, you might be able to give it a boost by ensuring your oil is fresh. When the cold weather sets in, it makes your engine oil move slower—which causes your vehicle to require an extra surge of power from your battery. Tainted, contaminated, and expired engine oil can add even more stress to your battery. Ensuring you have fresh engine oil may be able to buy you a little time while you get your battery replaced.  

Phone a Friend: How to Jump a Car Battery

When you find your car battery dead, naturally, you are due for a battery replacement service. However, it can be hard to make it to the mechanic when your car refuses to turn over. In these cases, a simple jump-start can get you on your way. Jump-starting your car can be easy with the help of a friend. All you need is a set of jumper cables and a second running vehicle. You can read our 8-step guide to jumping a car battery here.

Find the Right Tools: Can I Jump a Car Battery By Myself?

With the right tools, it is possible to safely jump-start a car battery by yourself. However, it can be hard to get the right tools without a running car. Primarily, you will need a special battery pack to jumpstart a dead car battery by yourself.

Individual jump-starting battery packs are available for order online and in some major retail/hardware stores. These batteries have attached jumper cables and the power needed to jump-start most car batteries. Simply follow the included instructions to charge and jump-start your car battery.

Give it Some Time

Here is a common myth: the cold weather kills your car battery. Rather, the cold weather slows down the electrochemical reaction that fuel’s your battery power. As such, it is during the coldest times of day that your battery will struggle the most. By giving your car a little time to warm up, you might have better luck with your battery later in the day. 

Additionally, if your car does start, it does not mean your battery is good to go. Without proper replacement, you will likely find your car battery dead again in the morning. Instead, take the time to have a new battery installed by a professional mechanic.

Check for Corrosion

Corrosion can also prevent your battery from starting—especially on colder days. It drains the charge out of the battery while limiting its ability to accept a jump-start. You can have your battery terminal ends professionally cleaned or replaced to eliminate corrosion concerns.

If your battery is still struggling to start, you may be far overdue for a battery replacement. There could also be an issue with your alternator, starting system, or another component failure. In this case, you may need to see a mechanic for a battery/starting system inspection or professional diagnostic services. 

Chapel Hill Tire: New Battery Installation Services

When you are almost due for a new battery, the experts at Chapel Hill Tire are here for you. We install new batteries throughout the Triangle—with 9 locations across Raleigh, Apex, Chapel Hill, Carrboro, and Durham. If you sense that your battery is getting ready to die but do not have time to visit a mechanic, our pick-up and delivery service can help! We invite you to make your appointment here online or give us a call to get started today! 

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