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5 Reasons You Might Need a Trailer Hitch

When planning your summer vacation, a trailer hitch may be a key feature to help you along the way. Not all vehicles come equipped with a trailer hitch—however, most cars have some towing capacity. Thankfully, if your vehicle did not come with this feature, you can have a trailer hitch installed at a local mechanic shop like Chapel Hill Tire. If you find yourself wondering, “Do I need a trailer hitch?” Chapel Hill Tire is here with insight. 

Bike Rack Attachments

While the name “trailer hitch” implies the use of a trailer, these installations are also popular for their bike rack attachments. Instead of trying to fit your bike inside your car, these racks safely and securely mount your bikes onto the back of your vehicle. If you enjoy biking, trailer hitches offer an easy way for you to bring your bike along your travels.

Weak or Rusted Hitch

Naturally, the most popular use of a trailer hitch is towing. You may use your hitch to transport large items like boats, lawnmowers, equipment, campers, and other vehicles. However, if your original trailer hitch is old, weak, rusted, damaged, or bent, you may need a new hitch installation. When having a mechanic install your new hitch, you can also exert more control over the final product. This process lets you choose your new hitch and tailor your selection to the size, quality, price, and features you need. Trailer hitch replacement gives your vehicle a reliable hitch that can handle your tow. 

Newer Vehicles and Trailer Hitch Installation

Drivers commonly need a trailer hitch installed after finding their new vehicle does not have this feature. When buying a new car, it can be easy to overlook a missing trailer hitch. You might even assume your car has one until you try to hook up your attachment. Thankfully, if you find that your new vehicle does not have a trailer hitch, it is not too late to have one installed. 

Smaller Cars: Cargo Towing

While many drivers assume that trailer hitches are for large trucks and SUVs, smaller vehicles often need trailer hitches as well. Compact cars tend to have less space, making it necessary to carry extra cargo. Smaller vehicles can typically tow thousands of pounds, which is perfect for small cargo attachments. You can find information about your towing capacity within your owner’s manual. Cargo attachments are generally affordable, effective, and can extend the space of your vehicle. 

Overhead Cargo Stability

If you tend to strap ladders, paddleboards, lumber, kayaks, and other cargo on the top of your vehicle, a trailer hitch may help with stability. Hitch attachments can help anchor and secure your overhead cargo. This installation can protect your belongings and help give you peace of mind on the road. Trailer hitches can also make the process of strapping down your cargo easier than non-hitch alternatives. If you frequently find yourself carrying overhead cargo, a trailer hitch might be for you.

Chapel Hill Tire: Local Trailer Hitch Installation

If you need a trailer hitch to fulfill your summer adventures, the mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire can help. We install trailer hitches on small vehicles, large trucks, and everything in between. You can make your appointment here online or give us a call to get started on your trailer hitch service today!

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