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Coming Together In Challenging Times

To work through the COVID-19 crisis, we focus on what matters most

“Treat each other like family. That’s one of our five core values, and it’s the one that mattered most when the COVID-19 crisis hit,” said Atlantic Ave. store manager, Chris Davis. “Our company really came together; we had each other’s backs, and that was passed on to the team and the customers,” 

While many across the globe stayed home in the early weeks of the pandemic, Chapel Hill Tire, as an essential business, came to work every day. “We really took treating each other like family to heart,” said general service technician Steve Meyer. “How could we help each other?  What’s good for customers?  Employees?  Managers?  Staying focused on those questions really helped us through this.”

Although COVID-19 continued to separate many from friends and family, the team at Chapel Hill Tire grew stronger and more united. Technician Brian Fretz said, “We all strive for excellence. That’s what the company has instilled in us.”  

“Strive for excellence” is another one of our company values, and another one that we kept at top of mind as we made employee safety a top priority. “I never felt worried about coming to work, ever,” said Fretz. “Everyone made us feel comfortable and safe.”  

Steve Meyer echoed Fretz’s statement, “The company did everything they possibly could to take care of us. No expense was spared for us or the customers to be safe.” 

“I was very grateful to still have my job and still have income. I felt safe and reassured and felt like the company took preventive steps to have us prepared,” said Chris Davis.

Chapel Hill Tire protected employees and customers alike by implementing the use of steering wheel and seat covers, wiping down all points of contact in vehicles, and having employees wear masks while working. Additionally, we started a free pickup and delivery program so that customers could receive no-contact service. “We’re more alert now and taking steps to be safer and doing our part. I believe the company has changed in a positive way because of COVID,” said Davis. 

“We were definitely concerned for our customers,” said Steve Meyer. We wouldn’t want someone to get sick on our watch because we weren’t following proper protocol. We followed CDC guidelines and continued to be compliant with NC guidelines to do our part for our community.” 

With the world slowly starting to open back up, Chapel Hill Tire continues to be guided by its values, and is more united than ever before. As Steve Meyer said, “Take a hard situation, put people into it, have a common goal, and people will become closer. I’ve never been more proud of the whole team than when I saw us stick together from Chapel Hill to Raleigh. Living our values, we did our best to root each other on, and to remember that we don’t just take care of cars, we take care of people.”  

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