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How to Know When Your Car’s Suspension Needs Attention

Your vehicle’s suspension plays a crucial role in ensuring that you and your passengers have a smooth, safe ride when traveling in your car. While you drive, the suspension system maximizes friction between your tires and the road to help you maintain control over the car. Since suspension problems can reduce your ability to control your car, it’s essential your car’s suspension stays in proper shape. Fortunately, suspension systems are good at letting you know when they need to be serviced. 

As you try to stay on top of your car’s suspension, review the following top five signs you need to take your car in for suspension repairs.

1. Uneven Tire Wear

One of the most noticeable signs of suspension issues is uneven tire wear. If your tires are wearing down at a more rapid rate on one side, your suspension system could be at fault, as misaligned wheels or uneven shocks could be the cause of the problem. Besides making your car less safe to drive, suspension problems can make your tires wear down faster, resulting in extra tire replacement costs. If you notice uneven tire wear, take your car to a mechanic to ensure it’s not a suspension issue.

2. Bouncing or Swaying 

When driving on smooth, well-maintained roads, you generally shouldn’t feel much bouncing or swaying. A correctly maintained suspension system should provide a smooth, controlled ride. If you’ve noticed that your car is excessively bouncing when you go over bumps or swaying when you take turns, it’s a pretty strong indicator that something may be wrong with your suspension. 

Well-maintained shocks and struts also help keep your tires in contact with the road, and when they’re in tip-top shape, you shouldn’t be having any complications controlling your vehicle. Any driver who is experiencing loss of control while driving, even if it’s minimal, should contact an auto shop to have their car inspected. Driving a car that you can’t control properly is extremely dangerous for yourself and other drivers on the road.

3. Knocking or Clunking Noises 

Nobody likes to hear their car making noises that they’ve never heard before. If you’re hearing any kind of knocking or clunking, especially when going over bumps, it’s time to have a professional look at your car. These noises could be a sign of worn-out suspension components, such as bushings or ball joints. Additionally, suspension issues that aren’t addressed promptly will only cause the damage to worsen. 

Nobody knows your car better than you, so don’t delay bringing it into a shop if you’re hearing any out-of-the-ordinary sounds. There are so many integral parts in suspension systems that even one being thrown off can cause major issues.

4. Issues With Steering Responsiveness

Your car’s steering is closely tied to the health of its suspension system. Problems arising from worn-out suspension components or complications following any kind of impact on your car can throw your suspension out of whack. As a result, you’ll need to get your vehicle checked out if you’re feeling any delays in responsiveness or having difficulties maintaining control. 

Even if you feel like the handling issues are minimal, you should bring your car into a shop. What seems negligible now could turn into a huge issue if you’re in a situation that puts a lot of stress on your suspension system. Instead of letting the issue get worse and risking your safety, take your vehicle to a shop for an inspection.

5. Visible Fluid Leaks

If you see any visible fluid leaks outside your car, especially near the wheels, you could have a suspension problem. For example, vehicles with leaks around the wheel area could have compromised components like shocks and struts. These pieces are vital when it comes to how smoothly your car drives and how well it can handle. A qualified professional should be able to diagnose where the leaks are coming from. They can also recommend any repairs to your car’s suspension that may be needed. 

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