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Can Any Mechanic Work on a Hybrid? 

When you drive a hybrid, you know that your car has some unique perks and care requirements. So what does that mean when it comes to vehicle maintenance, repairs, and services? Can just any mechanic work on a hybrid? While a standard mechanic will probably not turn you away, you will get the specialized care you need from a hybrid certified mechanic. Learn more here about the service that your hybrid needs.

Hybrid Battery Repair and Replacement

Hybrid batteries are unlike the standard car battery, as they are powerful enough to supplement fuel usage and recharge every time you brake. This also means that they require a special level of battery service and attention. Here is a look at how hybrid batteries are different from standard batteries:

  • Power, size, and care: Unlike the standard car battery, a hybrid battery is much larger and more powerful. For mechanics without the right hybrid experience, this can make it dangerous to service, challenging to replace, and easy to damage. 
  • Cost: Because they are much larger, longer-lasting, and powerful batteries, hybrid replacements tend to be pricier than standard car batteries. 
  • Replacement cadence: Thankfully, hybrid batteries are usually under warranty for a minimum of 100,000 miles. Newer hybrid vehicles may even have battery warranties that meet or exceed 150,000 miles. Depending on your driving patterns and vehicle maintenance routines, this should last you several years longer than a standard car battery.
  • Inverter: Your hybrid car has an inverter, which converts your vehicle to relying on gas when your battery is low on charge. Quality battery service also involves inspecting and tuning up the inverter when it needs care.

To keep your hybrid battery warranty intact, you may need to maintain proper hybrid vehicle care from a certified technician.

Hybrid Electrical Service

Powerful batteries also means careful electrical service for hybrid vehicles. Mechanics need to take extra precautions when working with hybrids because many of them are designed with auto-start and shutoff systems. This system is built to preserve your battery life, but it can also strain your transmission and starting system. A hybrid auto-start system combined with a powerful battery can spell trouble for an inexperienced mechanic completing electric services. 

A hybrid expert will also know how to keep an eye on your electric drive motor to ensure that your vehicle has what it needs to properly run on the power of your battery.

Standard Vehicle Services

In addition to specialty hybrid care, you will need to tend to standard vehicle maintenance services to keep your hybrid working as it should. 

  • Oil changes – While your battery dependence may put a little less strain on your engine, your hybrid vehicle will still need regular oil changes.
  • Tire services – Tire refills, rotations, and replacements are the same for hybrid vehicles as they are for standard vehicles. 
  • Fluid refills and flushes – Fluid flushes and refills are staples for every vehicle. However, depending on your hybrid, your fluid flush needs and level refills may be different from the standard vehicle. Speak with an expert or consult your owner’s manual for insight on fluid level care. 
  • Air filters – Your hybrid vehicle will still need standard air filter replacements and cabin filter replacements as a part of your care routine. 

Despite needing standard services, your car will still benefit from a mechanic who knows the ins and outs of hybrid vehicles.

Hybrid Brakes – Regenerative Braking and Care

Hybrid vehicles have regenerative brakes, which absorb the energy it takes to stop your vehicle and use it to recharge your battery. Thanks to regenerative braking, hybrid brakes are built to last much longer than standard brakes. However, if an issue does arise, your vehicle will require expert care by a professional familiar with hybrid regenerative brakes. 

Chapel Hill Tire Hybrid Care and Replacement

If your hybrid vehicle is due for service, bring it to the experts at your nearest Chapel Hill Tire location. Our professionals are hybrid certified and ready to serve hybrid vehicles in Raleigh, Durham, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill. Make your appointment here online to get started today!

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