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5 Ways to Know it is Time for a Tire Alignment

Do I Need a Tire Alignment?

While plenty of vehicle issues are easy to spot, some can be harder to detect than others. Misalignment in your wheels is one problem that is often difficult to spot, but it can cause your tires to wear unevenly and lead to larger vehicle issues as a whole. But how can you be sure when you need to have your wheels aligned? Here are the tell-tale signs that you are due for a tire alignment.

Recent Car Accident

If you were recently involved in a car accident, chances are you need a wheel alignment in addition to your expected vehicle repairs. The impact of an accident often shifts the alignment of your tires, be this shift subtle or highly disruptive. Even subtle shifts can lead to costly tire or steering system damage down the road. You should have your car inspected following even a minor fender bender to ensure that your vehicle has not incurred any structural damage.

Steering Wheel Vibration

Vibrations in your steering wheel are often a direct reflection of a tire issue. You may need tire balancing, wheel alignment, or another vehicle service to correct the source of these steering vibrations. When tires are pointed in different directions they can cause conflict and a pulling back and forth between the two separate courses. Aligning your wheels to be evenly facing is an ideal way to smooth and protect your steering system as a whole.

Vehicle and Steering Wheel Pull

Do you ever feel your vehicle or steering wheel pulling to one side during a drive? These could be a clear sign of an alignment issue. When your tires are not set up straight, your wheels (and thereby your steering wheel) will be led in the direction of your tires. This can make driving more difficult to manage. Similarly, you might also find that to drive straight down the road you need to hold your steering wheel at an angle. If these symptoms arise in your vehicle, have it inspected by a professional as early as possible to prevent an accident from occurring when your vehicle drifts.

Uneven Wear in Tire Tread

Uneven wear in your tire tread might be the clearest indicator of misaligned tires. If you find that the tread on some of your tires or certain parts of your tires wears out more quickly than others, you may be due for a tire alignment. This is caused by the fact that misaligned tires can put added stress on affected areas of your wheels. This uneven tread will lead to more frequently needed tire replacements, the costs of which can add up quickly.

Take Your Vehicle in for Expert Input

Perhaps the most solid sign that you are due for a tire alignment is advice from your professional mechanic. They have diagnostic tools and automotive knowledge tp determine the source of vehicle issues, be they misaligned tires or another culprit. Make careful note of the issues that you are experiencing. If you are worried about the cost of vehicle services, partner with a mechanic network that offers transparent pricing and coupon discounts. It is better to pay upfront for a reasonable repair than to face the costs of more expensive damage down the road.

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