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Our Community: Helping Animals by Helping People

Transforming lives at the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals of Wake County

“Our mission is ultimately about saving animal lives, but our work goes so much further than that,” said Kim Janzen, CEO of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SCPA) of Wake County. “One thing we know for sure is that the only way we can help pets is by helping people.” 

two people holding dogs and smiling

Motivated by a vision to create a humane community for people and pets, SPCA of Wake County works to transform the lives of people and pets through protection, care, education, and adoption. While they offer animal care through several services, SPCA also serves the people who love those animals through pet loss support groups, education programs, pet food delivery services, and more.

Finding homes for found animals

Most of SPCA’s pets come from animal shelters. Often underfunded and under-resourced, these facilities are usually only able to keep an animal for a short time. Then, they are at risk for euthanization. Dedicated to a community-centered approach to finding good homes for these pets, SPCA partners with municipal shelters across the state. Through these programs, they are able to save nearly 4,200 animals every year.

Keeping friends together

The organization also works with social service organizations around the Triangle to better the lives of pets and their people. Partnering with Meals on Wheels and the Food Bank, they created Animeals, a food delivery program that brings pet food and other products to home-bound seniors, enabling them to keep their four-footed companions by their sides. 

SPCA works hard to match people with pets that best fit their personality and lifestyle by assessing each pet’s individual needs and providing any necessary behavioral support. Even after pet adoption, SPCA offers continued support by providing information and resources to help adopters form a lifelong bond with their new pet. Additionally, the organization offers cost-effective spay and neuter services once pets reach a certain weight and age. 

Nothing compares to the love of a furry friend. That’s why SPCA is dedicated to do everything in their power to keep pets and families together. We at Chapel Hill Tire feel fortunate to be a part of the same community as SPCA of Wake County — a community that uplifts and cares for each other. To learn more about their mission and programs – and maybe even find your next best buddy – please visit

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