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Our People: Dru Gualdarama, Manager and Mentor

At Chapel Hill Tire, our commitment to excellence is only outshined by the remarkable people who drive our mission forward. In this edition of “Our People,” we’re delighted to spotlight Dru Gualdarama, the esteemed manager of our Atlantic Avenue location. Dru’s journey in the automotive world is as inspiring as his dedication to our team and community.

Driven by Passion: A Journey from Fast Cars to Family Values

Dru’s love affair with automobiles began with a childhood dream sparked by fast cars and classic Chevys. This passion led him on an adventure from California to North Carolina, navigating life’s twists and turns with the same skill he once dreamed of applying to a 67 Chevy C10 Fleetside. Though life’s responsibilities shifted his priorities, Dru’s heart never strayed from the automotive world, ultimately leading him to our Chapel Hill Tire family.

A Memorable Moment of Kindness and Community

Dru recalls a particularly heartwarming experience during our “12 Days of Kindness (2023)” initiative. His involvement in repairing Mary Lucas’ Pathfinder — a tribute to her 25 years of foster parenting — exemplifies the spirit of giving and community that Chapel Hill Tire cherishes. Dru’s leadership in this initiative reflects his deep commitment to making a positive impact, one car, and one family at a time.

Empowerment through Leadership: Cultivating a Culture of Growth

For Dru, the true reward of management lies in inspiring and empowering his team. His passion for fostering a culture rich in growth, empathy, and resilience shines through his everyday interactions. Dru’s approach goes beyond fixing cars; it’s about building a community of professionals deeply attuned to the needs and aspirations of their colleagues, customers, and the broader business landscape.

Pursuing Excellence: Leading the Way in Automotive Expertise

During his tenure as manager at the Crabtree Valley store, Dru spearheaded the attainment of the esteemed Blue Seal of Excellence, showcasing their unparalleled proficiency and dedication. Upon transitioning to the Atlantic Avenue store, he continued his exemplary leadership, aiding them in achieving their own Blue Seal, underscoring his commitment to maintaining industry-leading standards and fostering continuous improvement

Staying Ahead: Navigating the Future of Automotive Technology

In an industry that never slows down, Dru keeps pace with the rapid advancements in automotive technology. His dedication to staying informed — through industry news, expos, online forums, and continuous learning — ensures that Chapel Hill Tire remains at the forefront of automotive service and expertise.

Dru Gualdarama’s journey with Chapel Hill Tire is more than just a career; it’s a testament to the power of passion, leadership, and community engagement. We’re proud to have Dru as a key member of our family, and we’re excited to see how his vision and dedication continue to drive us forward.

Stay tuned for more stories of the amazing individuals who make Chapel Hill Tire a place where everyone can “Work Happy.”

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