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Our People: Peter Rozzell

Always glad to see you, always ready to listen, and all about treating each other like family

If you take your car to our Cole Park shop, you have probably met Peter. As the manager of that location, he has been welcoming customers there since 2014. Initially, Peter was drawn to Chapel Hill Tire because he was searching for a better work/life balance; however, Peter has remained with the company for all these years because of so much more.

Peter Rozzell, manager at Chapel Hill Tire's Cole Park shop
Peter Rozzell, manager at Chapel Hill Tire’s Cole Park shop

“I wanted to be treated like I was part of a family. I wanted to be respected, treated well, listened to. I found that at Chapel Hill Tire,” said Peter.

He not only found that for himself, but he is a leading proponent of one of our core values, treat each other like family. His strong relationships with coworkers and customers are attributed to his genuine and approachable personality. 

On a day to day basis, Peter enjoys the opportunity that his job provides for him to coach and interact with people. He strives to be a welcoming person that people can come to when they feel overwhelmed, and he succeeds. He takes the time to understand what his customers and coworkers are telling him, offers advice when he can, and reassurance when it’s needed.

“Peter is someone you can actually have a genuine conversation with, and he will never judge you,” said Rozzell’s coworker, Jess Cervantes. “I consider him my mentor, and he’s the first person I turn to. If we get stuck on a problem, he always has a solution. He’s incredibly smart and amazing to work with.” 

Besides excelling professionally at Chapel Hill Tire, Peter also brings a vibrant and happy persona to the store. Described as very kind and outgoing, he greets customers with a bright smile and always keeps his coworkers entertained. 

“He’s a goofy guy. He makes all of us laugh, and he’s really fun to be around, not to mention he’s a great basketball player,” said his coworker Jess Cervantes. 

Continuously lifting up those around him and celebrating the small victories, Peter noted one of our other core values, “We win as a team. I’m grateful for my coworkers, and I’m grateful to be here.” 

At Chapel Hill Tire, we are lucky to have great employees like Peter Rozzell who understand that the work we do on cars is really about people – the people we work with and the customers who rely on those cars. It’s the idea behind our Work Happy / Drive Happy Culture: happy employees create happy customers, and happy customers create a strong business where we all can thrive and grow. Thank you Peter, for helping us create a place where we treat each other like family.

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