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Our Values: The Work Happy, Drive Happy Movement

We believe happy employees create the happy customers who create a thriving business

When Monday morning rolls around, Chapel Hill Tire’s family of employees has good reason to get out of bed with a smile. Waking up feeling rested after having a weekend with their families, they drive into work happy — knowing that whatever the day brings, they’ll have their team members to support them.

“If someone asks for help, you help ‘em. No one wins unless everyone wins.” — Curt Romanow, service advisor

There’s a real sense of community that’s born out of one of Chapel Hill Tire’s guiding values: We believe in winning together to see growth for everyone. This means treating every person that walks into a Chapel Hill Tire location — employees and customers — like family. When you work here, striving for excellence becomes a team sport, and accountability to our commitments is supported by every member of the team.

“I wanted to be treated like I was part of a family. I wanted to be respected, treated well, and listened to. I found that at Chapel Hill Tire,” — Peter Rozzell, manager

This is what your workday could be — and it’s a perfect example of the Drive Happy, Work Happy movement that we’re living each day here at Chapel Hill Tire.

The Core Values of the Drive Happy, Work Happy Movement

When faced with both personal and professional challenges, Chapel Hill Tire owner Marc Pons asked himself a question that’s changed his company forever: What were his deepest values? And how could he make those values an integral part of working at Chapel Hill Tire, no matter your position?

Over time, those values have been clarified into the five principles of our Drive Happy, Work Happy Manifesto.

First, we Journey Together and Grow Together. This means offering not just a job, but a career at every level of employment — something that gives you unparalleled opportunities for growth, achievement, and meaning in your career.

“Chapel Hill Tire has not only helped me grow as a mechanic, but also as a person,” — Aaron Sinderman, service technician

To do this, We Care A Lot. We believe in empowering people through our shared set of values, and working with a spirit of gratitude and helpfulness with everyone we meet.

“People were talking about values and what they believe in and how it guides them at work, and I was taken aback. It was unlike anything I’d experienced before. Once I saw it in action, though, I knew this was a place I wanted to be.” — Terry Govereau, human resources director

And to make sure we walk the walk, We’re Accountable to Ourselves, Each Other, and Our Community. This means doing the right thing — even when nobody’s watching. It means following the golden rule in business as well as in life, and giving credit where credit’s due. When one of us wins, everyone wins.

We Say Yes to Top Notch Customer Service. Striving together to be the best darned auto repair shop in the world, we’re committed to making every visit to Chapel Hill Tire one that’s fulfilling and satisfying. And if there’s a “gray area”, our policy is to side with the customer’s interests.

Overall, We’re Not Just Any Car Place. We’re striving to be the example for how auto repair shops should operate, by taking care of our people, giving them a real work-life balance and continual opportunities for growth.

“I wanted to find a place of work that would help me build my future…  at Chapel Hill Tire…  I get to expand my knowledge and learn more every day.”— Jess Cervantes, Service Advisor

We genuinely believe that our values-based approach to business makes us stand out from the competition, and hope that the example we set will start to change the perception and reputation of this industry, one customer (and one employee) at a time.

We don’t just believe that this is what your workday could be — we know that it’s what your workday should be. Your work should be an integral part of what makes waking up everyday worthwhile. And we want to make that a reality, for as many people as we can. If those values resonate with you as much as they do with us, we’d love to hear from you.

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