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What’s Up With That?

When your alignment goes awry, it can be a real drag Each of your car’s tires places about 35 pounds per square inch of pressure on the road. That’s roughly the same amount of pressure as an adult male elephant standing at rest.  Imagine that elephant standing with one foot on the ground and the …

Our Community

Changing Lives, Four Wheels At A Time A lack of transportation can bring someone’s life to a halt.  It limits access to food and services, makes it difficult to get to work and to get children to school on time. It can isolate a person from family and friends. It can turn your daily commute …

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Now Available
Curbside Service

To protect our customers and community during the current crisis, we are now offering curbside service to anyone who would prefer to not come into our lobby.  It’s easy to use: Visit our online appointment scheduler  Under “Select Appointment Type,” choose “Curbside Service” Complete the form to make your appointment – be sure to list …