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Should I Upgrade to LED Headlights?

Driving at night is more dangerous than driving during the day due to the lack of visibility. Unfortunately, not all roads are well-lit, leading to an increase in accidents. That’s why headlights are such a crucial component of the safety and performance of your vehicle. As you look for a new vehicle or consider upgrading your current set of lights, it’s important to know why LED lights are so popular and the disadvantages of sticking with traditional halogen headlights.

Why Have Vehicles Moved Away From Halogen Headlights?

For years, halogen lights have been the standard bulb used in vehicles. However, the development of automotive lighting throughout the years has shown that halogen lights aren’t the most effective, and many vehicle manufacturers have switched to LED bulbs as a result. 

For example, halogen bulbs consume a lot of energy, which is an issue if you’re an eco-conscious driver. This excess energy usage also puts more demand on your vehicle’s electrical system and can impact your vehicle’s overall efficiency. These headlights also have a short lifespan and need to be replaced more frequently than LED bulbs. Their shorter lifespan means you’ll have to spend more time at the repair shop and more money on replacement bulbs.

Besides their high energy usage and shorter lifespan, they don’t shine as bright as LED lights. Since their energy usage often gets turned into heat rather than illumination, their dim, yellowish glow can struggle to fully light the road as you drive.

4 Benefits of LED Headlights

Due to the greater energy use, reduced visibility, and shorter lifespans of halogen headlights, many drivers prefer LED lights. If you’re considering replacing your headlights with LED bulbs, learn more about the top four benefits of LED headlights below:

1. Greater Energy Efficiency

Eco-friendly individuals who prefer electric, hybrid, and plug-in hybrid vehicles will appreciate the energy efficiency of LED lights. Why? Because they don’t need as much power as halogen lights to operate at a similar level of brightness. In fact, LED headlights consume about 80% less energy than halogen lights.

For a battery-operated car, this reduced energy consumption means the strain on the power source is greatly decreased, and the driving range is increased. Even if you use a gas-powered vehicle, the greater energy efficiency of LED lights reduces the strain on your electrical system and promotes greater energy efficiency.

2. Longer Lifespan

LED lights also have a longer life span that extends far beyond that of a halogen bulb. A typical halogen bulb lasts about 500-1,000 hours, while LED lights continue shining for up to 30,000 or more hours. This longer lifespan reduces the number of replacements and keeps maintenance costs low. 

3. Improved Brightness and Visibility

When driving through a low-light area or in inclement weather conditions, visibility is a priority. Halogens are not as bright as LEDs, nor is the beam of light as intense and focused. This improved illumination allows for a broader field of vision during nighttime driving, thus enhancing safety.  

Moreover, the crisp, white light emitted by LEDs provides better color rendering, allowing drivers to discern objects and road hazards more accurately. This improved color rendering is especially needed when weather conditions adversely affect visibility.

4. Lower Longterm Costs

When it comes to upfront costs, the halogen bulb is more affordable. They’re generally cheaper to manufacture and are easy to find, making replacing them a cinch. However, they will have to be replaced more often, causing you to spend more money over time. The drain on the vehicle’s electrical system can also lead to other components of the vehicle needing a replacement sooner than expected. 

While the initial cost of LED headlights is higher than halogens, the long-term monetary benefits are greater. 

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