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The Impact of AI on Car Care

As artificial intelligence (AI) continues to become more prevalent, it is vital to truly understand its impact on our lives. From automated car washes to self-driving cars—we are discovering the best and worst possibilities AI has to offer almost every day. 

So, how do these advancements impact you and your service? Our local mechanics are here to unpack how AI is affecting car care. 

The Benefits of AI on Car Care

Automotive AI technology is designed to improve vehicle safety and promote driver convenience. Several of these safety features can also protect your vehicle from damage:

  • Automatic tire inflation features can sense when you have low tire pressure and inflate them to the correct PSI. 
  • Any active safety features that prevent accidents can protect your car from a variety of potential damages. 
  • New AI predictive maintenance systems can detect issues arising in your vehicle. Beyond simply telling drivers when they are due for routine service, this technology can detect problems currently developing in the car. Predictive maintenance alerts help drivers get the preventative service they need before an issue turns into costly damage. 
  • AI driver monitoring systems can detect when a driver is distracted or drowsy and help the driver stay alert. 

AI also has the potential to improve vehicle production. Not only can AI make vehicles more affordable, but it can also catch recall issues and hazards before they hit the road. 

Potentially Increased Wear and Tear

As mentioned above, AI technology is designed to improve the driving experience for safety and convenience. Unfortunately, while these features can protect your car from damage, they also have the potential to cause unintentional wear and tear. 

For example, lane assistance is one of the many popular safety features powered by AI. As the name suggests, this technology guides your car to the center of the lane whenever it senses you veering on the road. 

In addition to enhanced safety, this feature has the potential to cause extra tire wear. Let’s say you attempt to drive around a pothole on the road. You may find your lane assistance trying to pull your tires back to the center. This extra back-and-forth on the pavement is harmful to tire tread. If you do not have a firm grip on the steering wheel, lane assist technology might even successfully veer your car into the hazard you hoped to avoid. 

Similarly, if AI in your car detects a potential collision, active safety features might apply your brakes for you. However, if the sensor is picking up on a “false positive” signal (meaning collision is not actually a threat), it could engage harsh braking for no reason. This error can cause premature wear on your brake pads, warped calipers, or even risk a rear-end collision.

Sensors and Hardware Maintenance

As with any modern technology, automotive AI software is only as capable as your vehicle’s hardware. The hardware, in this case, includes the most foundational components of the car itself—such as the engine and tires.

While it might sound obvious that your vehicle needs to be in good working order to drive, your AI features might not have the same awareness or discretion as you. For example, does a self-driving car sense when your tire is flat and know to pull over? If not, it can lead to major rim damage or accidents on the road. 

As this technology continues to evolve, it is essential to keep your vehicle up-to-date on all of its maintenance needs. 

Car Care Communication and Misinformation

As search engines and other online resources turn to artificial intelligence to automate their content, mechanics are carrying the weight of AI’s limitations. Not only can AI content present bias and bigotry, but it can also be incredibly inaccurate. Misinformation can leave drivers seeking car care solutions astray.

For drivers who turn to DIY solutions or guidance online, this can cause some trouble. Now more than ever, it is essential to trust the experts. 

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