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The Importance of Same-Day Car Service Appointments

Delayed service appointments are the new reality for drivers who rely on dealerships for car care. Many dealership service departments have several weeks (or even months) before their next available appointment. So should you wait? Or should you visit a mechanic for same-day car care? Our local mechanics are here with a look at six reasons you might opt for a same-day appointment. 

Protecting Your Vehicle from Further Damage

While you might save money with “free” or discounted car services at your dealership, they can cost you more long-term if your car care is delayed. For example, say you are due for alignment service. Appointment delays here could cause one or more of your tires to lose their tread as it faces uneven wear on the road. By the time the dealership fits you in for an appointment, you will have to pay for both an alignment and a new tire. 

Avoiding Tickets

Unfortunately, failures within certain car components can earn you vehicle equipment traffic violations. For example, a broken headlight, burnt-out taillight, or failing turn signal can all result in written warnings or tickets. When your car service appointment is delayed for months, you are more likely to encounter trouble on the road. 

Passing Inspection

What happens if you get your inspection late? Or if you are late in renewing your registration? While your dealership might offer you free inspections or a discounted rate on services you need to pass, the delay could cost you more than you will save:

  • Late fees: Even one day late on your registration renewal will earn you a late fee of up to $25—nearly twice the cost of your average safety inspection. 
  • Traffic ticket: While you will get a 15-day grace period, after this time, you can also earn a traffic ticket for driving with expired tags and registration. Under North Carolina General Statutes 20-111, driving with an expired registration is a Class 3 misdemeanor. Waiting on your dealership could earn you a ticket, a court fine, and much higher fees than an inspection at your local mechanic.  

Avoid Driving Delays

What if your car is completely shut down without service? If you have your vehicle towed to a dealership for service, it will likely sit for months. Reasonably, most drivers cannot afford to go without their car for an extended period of time. Conversely, having your vehicle towed to a mechanic like Chapel Hill Tire will result in same-day service and a free hybrid loaner car for a day or two if your vehicle requires overnight care. 

Keeping You Safe on the Road

Your vehicle’s most important task is keeping you safe on the road. When one of your safety features is not working as it should, waiting for an appointment is not an option. Even something as simple as a burnt-out taillight could get you in an accident. Worse even, you might end up footing the bill if your service negligence is to blame. 

Extra Costs

Service appointment delays come with other extra costs for drivers—such as more money spent at the pump. When your car is due for service, it will often run inefficiently. As your car requires more effort (and gas) to run, you will find yourself paying more every time you get behind the wheel.

Same-Day Car Appointments at Chapel Hill Tire

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