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Transparent Oil Change Costs

Oil Change Prices

Why do most mechanics and dealerships hide the costs of their services? You might be wondering if they will try to take advantage of your visit and overprice their services. Or perhaps they think that their oil changes are so expensive that displaying their service costs would deter customers from visiting the shop. At Chapel Hill Tire, we value our customers, which is why we display transparent pricing for all of our services. Here is everything you need to know about the actual price of oil changes. 

What Does an Oil Change Involve?

One of the most common vehicle services—and arguably the most important for keeping your engine protected—is the oil change. This product keeps your engine lubricated so that it can function without harmful friction. Over time, your oil becomes filled with debris, making it less effective in providing proper protection for your engine. Your oil levels also become depleted as your engine burns through your oil supply. This is where an oil change comes in. Not only do you need to supply your vehicle with oil, but you also need to remove the old oil and replace the filter that prevents the harmful debris from entering your engine. If you partner with an outstanding oil change expert, you will also receive routine vehicle checks included in the price of your oil change. On average, you need an oil change every 3,000 miles or every six months, whichever comes sooner. Maintaining regular oil change services will keep your vehicle protected and prevent costly engine damage from occurring. 

How Much Does an Oil Change Actually Cost?

Every mechanic has to price their oil changes in a way that helps keep business open. However, you want to ensure that this number does not take advantage of your visit. Here is how much an oil change actually costs your mechanic:

  • Oil Costs: Perhaps the most obvious expense, the mechanic will pay for several quarts of oil to fill your reserve. There are multiple different types of oil that vary in thickness, which can affect your oil change costs. If you take a look at your oil cap, it will tell you which type of oil your engine requires. 
  • Labor Cost: Here, you pay for the years of experience and the professional care provided by your oil change technician. You also reap the convenience of having an expert take care of your vehicle. 
  • Filter Cost: Your oil filter keeps contaminants out of your engine. These contaminants can wear away at your filter over time, which is why you require regular filter replacements. The cost of your filter may vary slightly depending on your vehicle make, model, trim, and year. 
  • Disposing of Used Oil Cost: Part of the hassle of an at-home oil change is navigating the disposal of the old, messy, and contaminated oil. An expert mechanic has the resources and an established process to ethically dispose of old oil. 

Collectively, what you pay will reflect the cost of the oil change for your mechanic. Even with all of these offerings, oil changes are often reasonably priced—usually running between $40-$70. You can also find oil change coupons to help offset the cost of this service. 

Transparent Oil Change Prices

You won’t find hidden costs here at Chapel Hill Tire. Instead, we keep all of our prices clear and transparent on our services page.

The only variance possible in this price is if your vehicle requires a filter or oil that is non-standard or higher in cost. This price includes five quarts of oil, an oil filter change, an air filter check, a fluid levels check, an inspection of your belts and hoses, and a tire air pressure check. 

Visit Chapel Hill Tire | Oil Changes with Transparent Prices

If you are ready to ditch the traditional hidden oil change costs, visit your local Chapel Hill Tire location. With 8 Triangle-area shops—including mechanics in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Carrboro—you can get a quick and affordable expert oil change no matter where your day takes you. Schedule your Chapel Hill Tire oil change today to get started!

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