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What is Engine Performance Restoration Service?

“Performance” is a term used frequently in the automotive industry. It can describe quick acceleration, easy vehicle handling, and advanced engine capability. However, performance is not just something that your vehicle is built with—it is also something that you have to maintain with regular vehicle service and care. So what do you do when your vehicle performance is slipping? Often, the solution to performance concerns is as simple as an engine performance restoration service visit.

Engine Performance Restoration

While your needed engine service depends on the exact issue that you are experiencing, performance restoration addresses one primary problem that can occur across vehicle engines: low tension in the piston rings. Poor functioning piston rings allow oil contamination, oil oxidation, and the loss of pressure in the combustion chamber. This can lead to poor engine performance, more frequently-needed oil changes, and lowered fuel economy. Thankfully, engine performance restoration service is available to help get your vehicle back in good health. 

Engine Performance Restoration (EPR) clears out buildup on the piston rings to prevent contamination and oxidization of the oil and restore piston ring tension. Once your piston rings are clean, your engine functioning will see the immediate benefits of this service. EPR service can help solve a variety of vehicle problems and prevent future engine trouble. Here is a look at some of the key benefits of engine performance restoration.

Oil Preservation | Why Is My Oil Leaking?

It is no secret that oil changes are essential to your engine health and performance. When your piston rings are loose, they can allow rapid oil oxidation and contamination. This vehicle issue can also allow your engine oil to escape past the rings and leak out through your exhaust. Collectively, these oil concerns can lead to extra needed oil changes. An engine performance restoration can stop and prevent these oil troubles by improving the seal of the combustion chamber. EPR effectively protects your engine oil from piston ring issues and keeps it from leaking out of your exhaust pipe. 

Protect and Boost Your Engine

Just as the name suggests, EPR service restores the performance of your engine. It improves engine functioning by cleaning your piston rings and preventing the loss of combustion chamber pressure that compromised rings create. Additionally, when your oil is frequently compromised, you can be putting your engine under harmful stress and risking costly damage. Performance restoration protects your engine and alleviates this stress by preventing issues and oil loss. 

Restores Fuel Economy and Save Money

Even the most environmentally-friendly vehicles can fall victim to piston ring blockage and the fuel economy loss it creates. When your engine is worn down by dirt and grime, it cannot perform with the efficiency it is built for. Engine performance restoration cleans away the contaminants that are causing engine inefficiencies to help you save at the pump. You will also be saving money on piston replacement, extra oil changes, and the potential engine damage that loose piston rings can cause.

Engine Performance Restoration in the Triangle

Get your joyrides back on track with an engine performance restoration visit at Chapel Hill Tire. We proudly serve drivers throughout the Triangle area with our eight mechanic locations, including those in Raleigh, Durham, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill. To accommodate a wide variety of drivers, we proudly offer curbside service and free vehicle pickup/delivery. Make an appointment here online for your engine performance restoration today!

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