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What’s Up With That? The Impact of AI on Car Care

From the works of early computer scientists such as Ada Lovelace, artificial intelligence has taken on a life of its own, from becoming a prominent feature of 1950s science fiction to earning a central role in our new economies of “big data”. 

Scientists and media pundits are predicting that AI is the next big thing, the next quantum leap in technology that will change our everyday lives — some for the better, and perhaps some for the worst.

We’ve been keeping our finger on the pulse of this emerging technology for years now to prepare ourselves for AI’s inevitable impact on car care, and we’d like to share a few things with you that we can see changing in the near future.

AI Might Make Your Car Safer…

Some of the most exciting developments in automotive AI have to do with safety and convenience. A new generation of cars is already being equipped with AI-powered tools, and in the near future we can expect to see it become a regular part of many or all new vehicles on the road.

Active safety features can alert drivers to potential dangers before they become a problem, and even automatically take action to prevent accidents. Preventative braking is a good example of this, powered by AI identification through an array of cameras placed around the car.

There’s also the potential for AI to automatically detect when your tires are getting low — and even inflate them for you! This will keep your tires safer in all weather conditions, as well as contribute to better gas mileage and handling.

Inside of the car, AI will be able to keep an eye on the driver. If you’re too distracted, or getting drowsy on a long trip, AI-powered features will be able to alert you and give you the opportunity to drive safer.

And last but certainly not least, AI will allow for powerful predictive maintenance systems. We’re already well on the way to this with the integration of computerized sensors into every part of the vehicle. But soon, this technology will even notify you of problems before they arise, giving you more time to take your car into a shop for service before anything gets out of control.

… But There Are Drawbacks, Too

Until all of those AI-powered systems are completely refined, though, there’s a good chance that they’ll lead to more wear and tear on your vehicle.

Lane assist features, designed to keep your car in the center of your driving lane, might not yet be able to account for potholes and other unexpected road hazards. When that’s the case, they can maneuver your car unsuccessfully, adding wear and tear to your tires.

The same can be true for collision detection features. While they’ll be a great thing nine times out of ten, any sort of false positives could lead to emergency braking situations where none are necessary, adding lots of wear to your brake pads and calipers.

And You’ll Always Need A Good Mechanic

Unless AI gets to the point where it can perfectly predict your car’s maintenance needs, there’s always going to be a place for a good mechanic. Diagnosing exactly what a car needs is as much of an art as it is a science, and an experienced mechanic will know what to look for even when it’s not obvious.

That’s why we’re continually striving for excellence in all of our service departments, including ASE certification to keep up to date with all of the changes in car care. So even in a future where your entire car is equipped with AI-powered sensors and systems, we’ll be here for you to make sure that it stays in the best — and safest — possible condition.

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