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7 Tire Buying Benefits From Local Mechanics

Here at Chapel Hill Tire, we genuinely care about our drivers and treat them like family. The Drive Happy Advantage is one way we show how much we care. This free plan protects every tire you buy from the mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire. Learn more about the seven unique advantages you can expect when purchasing your new tires from our local experts under the Drive Happy Advantage. 

1. The Price Beat Guarantee

Have you ever gotten a tire quote and wondered, “Am I getting the lowest price possible?” The answer to this question is almost always no. You can get a lower price by bringing your eligible competitor’s quote to Chapel Hill Tire. With our Price Beat Guarantee, we will beat all competitor tire quotes by 10% of the difference in pricing—ensuring our customers always get the best price on new tires. 

2. Free Lifetime Rotation and Balancing

Tire rotation and balancing services are vital to the health and longevity of your tires:

  • Tire balancing ensures a smooth and comfortable ride by evenly distributing the weight of your tire. This service improves safety by enhancing vehicle handling and stability, prevents uneven tire wear, and extends the overall lifespan of your tires.
  • Rotations help ensure all of your tires wear evenly. If your car is FWD, your front tires will face accelerated wear as your wheels turn to navigate your vehicle. Regular rotations help ensure your tires stay protected. 

You can have each of these services completed for free for the lifetime of your tires with the Drive Happy Advantage. 

3. The 30-Day Ride Comfort Guarantee

Buying a new set of tires can feel like a big commitment. Our local mechanics are here to ensure that you enjoy your new tires without the stress. We offer a 30-day ride comfort guarantee. If you find your new tires don’t feel right, you can return them within 30 days. 

4. Free Pressure Checks and TPMS Light Resets

Low tire pressure can lead to decreased fuel economy and increased tire wear. While some drivers have the resources to easily check and refill tire pressure on their own, other drivers might have an easier time with expert support. Thankfully, the Drive Happy Advantage has you covered! When you buy your tires from our local experts, we will provide lifetime free pressure checks, refills, and TPMS light resets. 

5. Annual Risk-Free Alignment Evaluation

Notice your steering wheel shaking? Perhaps one of your tires is wearing out more quickly than the others. These are all signs of wheel alignment issues. Tire alignment is easy to disrupt—and it quickly creates costly tire damage. As such, our local mechanics will give our customers an annual risk-free alignment evaluation under the Drive Happy Advantage. 

6. Free Lifetime Flat Repairs*

Even brand-new, high-quality tires are susceptible to punctures and flats. Unfortunately, puncture-causing road hazards can be everywhere. Screws, nails, and fasteners can fall off work trucks or get left behind by construction crews working near roadways. When a nail gets stuck in your tire, it can be incredibly difficult to remove and patch. 

Solutions like “Fix a Flat” are more accessible for drivers to DIY, but they can potentially damage the Tire Pressure Monitoring System and other wheel components. Instead, most drivers turn to professional flat repairs. In these cases, an expert will remove the nail or screw and apply a professional-grade patch. When you buy from Chapel Hill Tire, this service is free for the lifetime of your tire. Chapel Hill Tire follows the U.S. Tire Manufacturers Association’s puncture and repair procedures for passenger and light truck tires. 

7. Free Brake Inspections and Fluid Top-Offs with Rotations

Each time you visit for your free tire rotation, you can enjoy free engine fluid top-offs and brake inspections. Let’s take a closer look at these free services:

  • Free Brake Inspections: Your braking system is essential to keeping you safe on the road. When our mechanics are rotating your tires, they will take the time to inspect your braking components. Are your brake pads within the legal limit? Are your calipers getting warped? If so, our mechanics will notify you of the needed services so that you can avoid potential danger on the road. 
  • Fluid Top-Offs: Your engine relies on a variety of specialized fluids, including transmission fluid, radiator fluid, power steering fluid, and so much more. Our mechanics will get underneath the hood to top off each of these components for free during your complementary rotation service. 

More Ways to Drive Happy™

The Drive Happy Advantage is just an extra perk on top of our already exceptional tire buying experience. Let’s look at some other ways you can Drive Happy™ when you buy your tires at our local mechanic shop:

  • Tire Finder: Chapel Hill Tire makes it easier than ever to buy your tires online. Our Tire Finder tool lets you view all of the tires compatible with your vehicle. Compare prices and features—all risk-free without having to provide any contact information until you are ready to buy. 
  • Pick-up and Delivery: If you don’t have time to get your new tires installed, we will come to YOU with our pick-up and delivery service. 
  • Pay by Phone: We accept a variety of payment options and even let drivers pay over the phone. This means no waiting in line to pay once your vehicle is serviced. 

Affordable New Tires Near Me: Chapel Hill Tire

With the Drive Happy Advantage, you can buy new tires with confidence at your local mechanic shop. These services are part of what sets Chapel Hill Tire apart from the rest. We proudly serve the greater Triangle area with 11 locations across Durham, Cary, Apex, Raleigh, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro. We invite you to make an appointment or give us a call to get started today! 

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