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Are Repairs on Hybrid Cars More Expensive?

Over the years, hybrid vehicles have exploded in popularity. Since they’re a more eco-friendly, fuel-efficient option to traditional cars, it’s easy to see why many people opt to go hybrid with their next vehicle purchase. Despite their advantages, you’ll likely want to consider a hybrid’s repair costs before you make a large financial commitment. If you’re interested in purchasing a hybrid vehicle, you should know about repairs that can be more expensive with a hybrid car and ones that are about the same in a car that only uses gasoline.

Hybrid Repairs That Can Be More Expensive Than Traditional Repairs

Due to the difference in their design compared to traditional vehicles, hybrid vehicles sometimes require more expensive repairs. As you consider purchasing a hybrid vehicle, review the most common hybrid vehicle repairs that usually cost more than those for traditional vehicles below:

1. Battery Replacement

Battery replacement is one of the most significant repairs a hybrid vehicle owner can encounter. Hybrid cars have two batteries: one is a 12v battery that is used for smaller functions like starting, locking, and interior lighting, and the other is a much higher voltage battery that is responsible for moving the vehicle.

The larger of the two batteries has a lifespan that usually lasts from 100,000 to 200,000 miles and costs anywhere from $1,000 – $8,000 to replace, making it one of the most significant repairs in hybrid cars. Due to the higher cost of a new battery, you’ll likely want to opt for a hybrid vehicle that runs on a longer-lasting battery to avoid having to replace it before you’re ready to sell your vehicle.

2. Regenerative Braking Systems

Alongside their unique battery system, hybrid cars rely on a regenerative braking system that helps recharge the vehicle’s battery during braking, allowing for a longer-lasting battery life. Regenerative braking is more specialized than braking mechanisms in traditional vehicles and can be more expensive to repair. However, the system means less wear on your brake pads, meaning costs of routine brake pad replacement will be reduced.

The costs to repair these braking systems may vary by the repair shop and the type of hybrid you purchase. As a result, you’ll likely want to research the costs of repairing the regenerative braking system of the hybrid you’re interested in buying. You can also check with local automotive shops to see how much they typically charge for regenerative braking system repairs.

3. Cooling Systems

Hybrid cars have additional cooling systems to regulate the temperature in their electrical components. Because of these more specialized systems, the labor and components can be more pricey than traditional vehicles, as there may be fewer technicians in your area who can repair these types of problems. The parts for hybrid vehicle cooling systems can also be harder to obtain, resulting in a higher cost to repair them. 

Before you purchase a hybrid vehicle, check with local repair shops to see how much they charge to repair hybrid cooling systems to make sure the costs fit your budget. 

Hybrid Repairs That Are Comparable to Traditional Repairs

While you’ll likely pay more for some repairs, there are several repairs that cost about the same for hybrid and traditional vehicles. Find out more about the most similarly priced repairs below:

1. Routine Maintenance 

Standard repairs such as oil changes, tire rotation, fluid flushes, and brake pad replacement are all comparable in price to traditional fuel-powered cars. All of these fixes are essential to the basic functionality of your hybrid car, so it’s good news that they aren’t as costly as some more specialized hybrid repairs. 

2. Suspension and Steering

The suspension and steering systems in hybrid cars do not differ that much from gasoline-powered vehicles. If you need some work done on your hybrid vehicle’s steering rack, shocks, or struts, it should run you about the same amount due to a hybrid’s similarity with traditional vehicles. 

3. Body Repairs 

Any kind of body damage caused by accidents, such as paint issues, dents, or bumper repair, is not drastically different in a hybrid car from a traditional vehicle. If you need routine bodywork, you’ll be spending a comparable amount of money.

4. Exhaust System Repairs 

Fixing the exhaust system in a hybrid car versus a fuel-powered vehicle will cost about the same amount at the end of the day. Components like exhaust pipes and mufflers are similar in both types of cars, and even though the systems differ in a few ways, the repairs will be about as expensive.

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