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Free Car Service Warranty: Why it Matters

The spring and summer heat hitting the Triangle can accelerate vehicle issues and spell trouble for drivers on the road. When your vehicle encounters a problem, who do you trust to get it working again? How do you know that you are getting high-quality vehicle service by a reliable mechanic? Mechanics with free service warranties help you feel protected by ensuring that any issue with your eligible repair or will receive a repair at no cost to you. Here is a closer look at why extended car service warranties matter.

Peace of Mind with Car Care

Your car is so much more than just a car—it is your financial investment, your safeguard on the road, and your lifeline in getting where you need to go. Bringing it to a mechanic requires you to trust a professional with all of these things. Knowing you’re covered by a free warranty can give you the assurance and peace of mind you need to feel comfortable handing your car to an expert.

Service Warranties and High-Quality Parts

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for—especially when it comes to automotive parts. Some mechanics save money on the vehicle services they provide by using the cheapest parts possible. It is common for careless service experts to choose certain brands based on the discounts they offer mechanics rather than the quality they provide customers. By focusing on price instead of quality, these automotive parts are more likely to break prematurely or encounter issues. Free extended service warranties display that a mechanic trusts the parts they are using on your vehicle. 

Service Expertise and Trusted Mechanics

Expertise is an essential part of receiving high-quality vehicle service. Successful repairs and maintenance visits require a certified mechanic that knows exactly what they are doing. A free extended service warranty displays how confident a mechanic is in their work so that you know you are dealing with a trusted expert. This type of warranty is also a way of displaying accountability. Even the most experienced mechanics have the capacity to make a mistake. Untrustworthy vehicle professionals will try to escape accountability for service problems. A free warranty lets you know that you are working with a reputable mechanic who will correct any issues free of charge. 

Length of Warranty: Why it Matters

While multiple mechanics and dealerships in your area may offer free service warranties, not all warranty agreements are made equally. Poor-quality parts and service may last for a few months, only to give out just after the warranty window closes. Check with your preferred mechanic to see which services are included and how long the warranty is good for. A trusted mechanic (like Chapel Hill Tire) will offer a 3-year/36,000-mile warranty on extended services, which is sure to beat out that of your dealership and other service experts.

Types of Warranties: Why a Free Service Warranty is Different

When you encounter a vehicle issue, it may be covered by a warranty from your part manufacturer or your vehicle manufacturer. However, these warranties can be limited, especially if you bring your vehicle to a careless mechanic. Free service warranties are designed to protect you from such instances. They often cover any issues that you may encounter with a repair or service visit. This level of comprehensive coverage can safeguard you from managing repeated car issues and facing multiple expenses for the same repair. 

Chapel Hill Tire Free Extended Service Warranty

Here at Chapel Hill Tire, we work hard to build a strong foundation of trust with our customers. This starts with our transparent prices and continues with our  FREE 3-year/36,000 mile service warranty on all major long-term services and repairs. We proudly extend this coverage to all of our eight Triangle-area locations, including those in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Carrboro. Contact the experts at Chapel Hill Tire to see if your next service falls under our free warranty agreement. You can make an appointment online to get started with your trusted Chapel Hill Tire vehicle service today!

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