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Keep your Car Healthy with these 4 Maintenance Flushes

4 Automotive Maintenance Flushes You Actually Need

Your vehicle relies on a number of different oils and fluids to keep your systems in a healthy condition. Though these fluids all collect debris over time, which is removed by a to your system. Here are 4 automotive flushes that you need to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible.

Coolant Flush | Car AC Help

As the temperatures begin to rise, you will want to ensure that your vehicle’s AC is in top condition. Your vehicle’s coolant is what keeps your air conditioning cold in the spring and summer seasons. If your air conditioning is not working, this might be a sign that you are in need of a coolant flush.

A coolant flush gets rid of the debris has built up in your coolant system, which might also prevent it from carrying heat away from your engine. Beyond just the inconvenience of an ineffective air conditioner, this stress on your engine can cause more costly issues down the road. In this sense, a coolant flush works as an engine flush as well. A coolant flush will clean out the system that feeds your air conditioner, helping it run efficiently and keep your engine protected.

Power Steering Flush | Why isn’t my Steering Wheel Working?

Your vehicle’s power steering system is what keeps you in control while on the road. However, this hydraulic fluid wears away over time and can create issues for your system. If there are steering difficulties with your vehicle, you might need a power steering flush. It is important that you do not wait long before attending to your power steering system, as this can be a severe safety liability while on the road. Resistance in steering and squeaking noises when turning your wheel are signs that you might be in need of a coolant flush.

Brake Fluid Flush | Brake Service Near Me

In addition to your brake pads, your brake fluid also may need regular maintenance to keep your brake system in working condition. If your brakes are delaying your quick and complete stop, a brake fluid flush may be the answer.

A brake fluid flush involves removing buildup in your fluid as well as completely replacing the old, ineffective fluid. Responsive brakes are important for preventing accidents and keeping you safe while on the go, so it is essential that you get your brake fluid attended to as quickly as possible when a delay or issue arises.

Transmission Fluid Flush

High-quality transmission fluid is essential to your vehicle’s health and protection. When your transmission does not have what it needs to function properly, it can begin to drain your battery and cause vehicle starting issues. If you are experiencing battery problems, your battery might not be to blame at all. This could be your transmission grappling with insufficient, low-quality fluid.

If there is build up in your transmission fluid, your transmission system might also begin to deteriorate in health, which can be extremely costly to repair. It is estimated that the average transmission costs between $4,000 and $8,000 to replace. A transmission fluid flush can keep your transmission system in ideal working order and prevent future, more costly issues from arising.

Automotive Repair in the NC Triangle

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