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Transmission Flush FAQ’s

What is a Transmission Fluid Flush?

Your vehicle’s transmission is costly to replace and essential to your car’s function, health, and longevity. A transmission flush is a cost-effective way to preserve this element of your vehicle. Here is everything you need to know about transmission flush:

Do I Need a Transmission Fluid Flush?

Your transmission relies on transmission fluid to keep the system’s parts seamlessly working together. Over time, this fluid becomes worn down, depleted, and filled with contaminants. This can cause damage or failure within your transmission and the systems that depend on it. A transmission fluid flush removes old, ineffective fluid and the containments it contains and replaces this with fresh, high-quality transmission fluid. A transmission flush eliminates the common risks that ineffective fluid poses to your vehicle and helps maintain your car’s health. If you are still unsure of whether or not you need a transmission flush, consult an expert for professional input.

Benefits of Transmission Flush on Engine Temperature

The exact components of transmissions vary between vehicles, but frequently the transmission fluid also has a cooling effect on this element of your engine. Heat is one of the leading causes of transmission decline and failure. A transmission flush can prevent an overheated transmission by keeping it properly cooled. This service can reduce the overall stress on your vehicle and maintain its health longer. 

When Should I Get a Transmission Flush?

Ultimately, the timeline on your transmission fluid maintenance is dependant on your vehicle type and its patterns of use. For many vehicles, transmission fluid service is needed every 30,000 miles.  Consult the transmission maintenance suggestion in your owner’s manual or available online resources regarding your specific make and model. If you are still unsure, consult a professional to see if they think you may be due for a transmission fluid flush. 

A Transmission Fluid Flush or Transmission Fluid Change?

A transmission fluid change is when you remove the fluid in the oil pan and replace it with a clean variant. This service is less effective than a flush as it often removes and changes less than half of the old fluid. The remaining older fluid outside of the pan will mix with your new transmission fluid. A transmission flush removes all of the old fluid and replaces it with a clean variant. Burned fluid can be the downfall of your transmission, so a full fluid flush is needed to eliminate this risk.

Can I Change My Transmission Fluid at Home?

It requires special equipment to complete a transmission fluid flush, which you often will not have access to at home. Changing your transmission fluid at home is possible, but it does pose some risk. There are a few myths that changing your transmission fluid can lead to a decline in transmission function. This happens when burned fluid that has been overused causes blockage in your transmission. A professional can detect signs of this issue and run the proper checks and procedures necessary to protect your vehicle. A top-notch mechanic will also have a service warranty that will protect you from repair costs if an issue arises. So by leaving a fluid change or flush to a professional, you save yourself a mess, hassle, and the risk that something damaging could happen. 

Cost of Transmission Flush

Most automatic transmission failures are linked to poor quality fluid. A fairly-priced transmission flush will usually run around $220, which does not compare to the $4,000-$8,000 that a new transmission usually costs. Additionally, you may be able to find a coupon for your transmission flush to help you lower the cost. By preserving your transmission, you can save thousands in repair and replacement costs the long run. 

Where Can I Get a Transmission Fluid Flush?

The experts at Chapel Hill Tire are here with affordable, professional transmission flushes. You can find Chapel Hill Tire locations in Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Carrboro. With eight accessible locations in and around the North Carolina Triangle, Chapel Hill Tire offers affordable and accessible transmission flushes to NC residents. Contact our mechanics to schedule your transmission flush today!

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