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Blue, Yellow and Green All Over: Chapel Hill Tire’s Commitment to Sustainability

Have you ever noticed that the roof Chapel Hill Tire’s Woodcroft service center is green?

No, we’re not talking about paint. We mean the other kind of green — the kind that accompanies a space filled with abundant flora. The automotive industry often has a negative impact on the environment, but Chapel Hill Tire works to offset automotive carbon emissions in more ways than one.

Woodcroft’s rooftop garden contains plants that bloom in every season, so it’s a year-round treat for passers-by. It provides insulation for the store, lowering overall energy costs. And it symbolizes the commitment to sustainable business practices that differentiate Chapel Hill Tire from the competition.

Being green helped the little service center from North Carolina win Tire Review’s 2012 Top Shop Award. As it turns out, the Triangle community wants good environmental stewardship along with its efficient service, and Chapel Hill Tire delivers. We’ve earned our Green Plus Certification from The Redwoods Group Foundation, a North Carolina advocacy group committed to educating small businesses about sustainability.

We racked up a few “firsts” on the path to sustainability. We were the first car care center in the Triangle to offer lead-free wheel weights. Our work reflects the fact that we want to be part of the effort to keep this very common contaminant out of our industry and our environment. And we were the Triangle’s first independent hybrid repair center, doing our part to ensure that this valuable new technology thrives.

As our world moves further into the 21st century, sustainable business practices will become more and more important. At Chapel Hill Tire, sustainability isn’t just a trend — it’s the root of who we are as a company. So much so that it’s taken root on our roof. You should come see it for yourself! Schedule an appointment with the experts at Chapel Hill Tire today for expert service at an environmentally friendly mechanic!

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