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The Dangers of Buying Used Tires

The US used tire market is fairly unregulated, which can have drivers losing money on dishonest sales. Worse even, these trades can quickly lead to accidents if a driver is left with unsafe tires. At Chapel Hill Tire, we prioritize safety when it comes to our customers. As your local tire experts, we wanted to give you a look at the dangers of buying used tires. 

Used Tires: Worn Tread and Tire Inconsistencies

Tires need frequent rotations because the tread wears consistently. This is impacted by your vehicle and your driving patterns. When you place a used set of tires on your vehicle, you are inheriting the previous driver’s wear patterns and the tread inconsistencies they produced. Tread is at the core of tire functionality and safety, making this a core consideration for the tires you choose.

Tire Age: Are Used Tires Safe?

Even when you find a used set of tires that have thick tread, there is a chance that they have aged. The older your tires are, the more dangerous they become. Once a tire reaches 10+ years old, it is deemed completely unsafe, even if it has never been driven. This is because the rubber undergoes a process called thermo-oxidative aging. Oxygen exposure ages the rubber, causing the tires to become unstable. However, these tires often still look sturdy and new, making it easy to deceive drivers. According to the US Department of Transportation, there were 738 fatalities in 2017 alone caused by tire-related incidents. The used tire market is full of shops circulating unused tires that are too old to be reliable. 

Tire Warranty: Ensuring You Get a Good Deal

Much like new cars, many new tires come protected by a manufacturer’s warranty. This will prevent you from getting a “lemon” that is not built properly. When you buy your tire used, this warranty becomes void because the manufacturers are no longer tied to the sale. 

Tire Protection Plan: Keeping Your Wallet Protected

For all other tire issues, many buyers opt for a tire protection plan. When you buy used tires from a lot (or even new tires from dealerships or distributors), you can miss out on this tire security. 

For example, the Road Hazard Tire Protection plan from Chapel Hill Tire includes 3-years of full repair and replacement for any issue that your tires may encounter. This can save you money on repairs, tire services, and replacements. 

Tire History: Are Used Tires Reliable?

Simply put, you do not know where an old tire has been. The unregulated US tire industry can leave customers vulnerable to a wide variety of potential issues and bad deals. You might buy a used set of tires just to experience frequent and costly problems. This can leave drivers paying more long-term while missing out on the other benefits of new tires

If you encounter an issue with your used tires, you can fail your safety inspection, require a tire service, or find yourself quickly needing a tire replacement. 

Chapel Hill Tire | New Tires Near Me

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