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The Importance of In-Depth Vehicle Diagnostics

We all know the dreaded feeling: you notice something feels astray in your vehicle’s performance. You look down and notice a disquieting warning light on your dashboard. Or maybe your vehicle is driving fine when you notice your dashboard light, leaving you anticipating an endless list of possible vehicle issues. 

Sometimes, these service needs are straightforward. Other times, they leave you facing far more questions than answers. Worse than the feeling of seeing a light come on in your dashboard is not knowing what is causing it. Thankfully, the experts at Chapel Hill Tire can help. We offer professional, in-depth diagnostic services designed to find solutions to all of your car troubles. Here is a look at in-depth diagnostic visits and why they are important for accurate vehicle repair. 

Free Vehicle Diagnostics – Are They Really Free?

OBD (On-Board Diagnostic) system is a network of sensors that monitors your vehicle activity and reports any issues through your dashboard. Once a dashboard light comes on, an expert can connect to your OBD system for the report code. For times when the needed service is overtly apparent, this process works well. However, some vehicle issues require a closer look under the hood. When you are facing a more complicated issue, “free” car diagnostic tests can lead you on a wild goose chase—again, leaving you with more questions than answers. You may even find yourself facing multiple potential issues and guessing at which one is causing your car troubles. 

Finding the “Why” Behind Vehicle Issues

“What is causing my car troubles?” This question can consume a driver’s peace of mind. In cases of complex vehicle problems, OBD codes give you (and your mechanics) only a vague idea of your car issues. While your OBD test might point you in the direction of your vehicle problem, this can leave you addressing the symptoms of car troubles rather than the source of car troubles

Professional diagnostic services instead focus on getting to the bottom of why that issue is occurring—this helps comprehensively support your vehicle health and get the repairs right the first time. 

What are In-Depth Vehicle Diagnostics?

In-depth diagnostic work is a service designed to support the accurate identification and repair of your car troubles. To get to the bottom of vehicle issues, a mechanic needs to spend time inspecting the vehicle, testing various parts, and exploring all of the potential sources of these problems. Once they have discovered the true source of your car issue, they will work with you to create a repair plan. 

How Can In-Depth Diagnostics Help You Save Money?

As you might have guessed, getting your repair done correctly the first time can help you save money. While it might be cheaper short-term to run with “free” diagnostic leads, expert diagnostics can save you long-term. By investing in this service, you can lower your overall costs on several facets of your repair:

  • Saving on Vehicle Parts: A “free” diagnostic test will tell you that a part of your vehicle—such as the transmission—is experiencing issues. However, this may be triggered by old transmission fluid, a sensor issue, or another simple fix. Rather than requiring you to spend $6,000 on a new transmission, in-depth diagnostics may help your mechanic discover a simple and affordable repair. You may also find yourself replacing parts that your OBD test suggests are creating issues, while the source of the problem truly lies elsewhere. 
  • Avoiding Recurring Car Issues: If your OBD code diagnostic leads to a poorly-calculated service repair, you could end up experiencing the same problem over and over again. This is not only an inconvenience, but it also will cost you frequent service visits. Depending on the nature of your problem, you may also incur repeated towing fees.
  • Preventing the Spread of Vehicle Problems: Your vehicle is a network of systems that each rely on the other for proper functioning. One issue can interrupt the whole system, creating new problems when operating under this stress and dysfunction. By finding and fixing the source of your vehicle issue, you can keep the problem contained and save money on preventable issues.

These cost-saving benefits are in addition to the time, safety, convenience, and peace-of-mind you can enjoy with trusted, well-informed service. 

Chapel Hill Tire In-Depth Diagnostics

Where can you find reliable, in-depth vehicle diagnostics? At all eight Chapel Hill Tire locations—including our mechanics in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and Carrboro! The experts at Chapel Hill Tire are here to help you when you are experiencing unknown, complicated, or uncertain vehicle issues. With our expansive service offerings, we will help you with your repair once we have diagnosed the true source of your car troubles.  You can get the peace of mind and trusted repair that you deserve when you bring your vehicle to Chapel Hill Tire. Make your diagnostics appointment with our local mechanics to get started today!

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