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The Importance of Flushing Transmission Fluid

Between regular oil changes, inspections, brake services, battery replacements, air filter checks, and tire care, you might feel familiar with the various care routines that your vehicle needs. However, one important service consideration that is often lost in the shuffle is transmission maintenance. 

A transmission issue often ends in replacement, which can cost several thousand dollars. Thankfully, preventative services—such as transmission fluid flushes—can keep your transmission working in good health. Here is what you need to know about the importance of flushing your transmission fluid.

Why Flushing Transmission Fluid is Necessary

Your transmission system depends on transmission fluid to keep its temperature regulated and to keep all of the parts moving together without harmful friction. However, because the transmission fluid absorbs heat to regulate temperature, this substance begins to breakdown and burn over time. If you wait too long to flush your transmission fluid, your transmission will begin to deteriorate from the inside out. 

Transmission fluid flushes are designed to prevent transmission issues and keep your vehicle working as it should. This process involves cleaning out the old, worn fluid from your system, and replacing it with fresh transmission fluid to keep your vehicle healthy.

When Should I Flush My Transmission Fluid?

You might now be wondering, “When do I need to get my transmission fluid flushed?” The cadence of this service will depend on your vehicle and your driving patterns. Check your owner’s manual for insight—which will usually tell you how many miles you need between maintenance flushes. 

If you do not see the recommended transmission flush guidelines, your engine may have “lifetime” transmission fluid due to a sealed transmission. However, sealed transmissions can still let contaminants into your vehicle, simply at a much slower rater than traditional engines. You may still need a transmission fluid flush once every few years. Consult your local mechanic for further insight. 

Transmission Fluid Checks

Transmission fluid checks are another easy and accurate way to tell if you need a transmission fluid flush. By taking a look under the hood, a professional can check the status of your transmission fluid. This process involves verifying that your transmission fluid levels are full (but not overly full), that your fluid is not discolored, and that it is maintaining proper temperatures. 

This inspection is best left in the hands of an expert. Ask your mechanic to check the transmission fluid each time you get your oil changed. Here at Chapel Hill Tire, we automatically complete comprehensive fluid level checks with every oil change visit. This can help you stay ahead of needed transmission fluid flushes and ensure that your vehicle is receiving proper care. 

Chapel Hill Tire Transmission Fluid Flush

Putting off transmission care can cost you thousands, so Chapel Hill Tire wants to make this maintenance accessible. We offer transmission fluid flush coupons and promotions to help make our everyday low prices even more affordable. We also offer transparent pricing, so you are not left with any surprises. When you are ready to get your transmission fluid flush, visit your nearest Chapel Hill Tire location. We proudly serve drivers throughout the Triangle in our eight locations—including Raleigh, Chapel Hill, Durham, and Carrboro. Make a transmission fluid flush appointment today to get started!

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