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Tire Protection Plans: Are They Worth It?

When buying new tires, you might look for ways to save money. Chapel Hill Tire makes saving easy by offering a Price Beat Guarantee; however, some drivers might try to save money by cutting out their tire protection plan. Are tire protection plans worth it? The experts at Chapel Hill Tire are here with insight. 

Do Tires Include Insurance?

The first common misconception in tire buying is that new tires automatically include insurance. Depending on the tire(s) you choose, there are different kinds of protection options that may apply:

  • Limited Manufacturer Warranty: Manufacturers often include a limited warranty to instill buyer confidence. This warranty will protect you against a defective tire, but it will not apply to any hazards you may face on the road. 
  • Satisfaction Guarantee: Some manufacturers, like Michelin, include a satisfaction guarantee. While this won’t protect your tires on the road, you can return eligible tires within 60 days if you are unsatisfied. 
  • Tread Wear Guarantee: Other tire manufacturers, like Goodyear, offer a tread wear warranty. This plan covers eligible tires if the tread wears out prematurely. 

What about everything else? Road Hazard Tire Protection is the safeguard you need to cover damage you might encounter on the road. While it is not included in your tire buying expenses, it is a necessary coverage for drivers. Like any kind of insurance, tire protection is a small fee that can save you a lot of money in the case of a problem. 

Does My Car Insurance Cover Tires?

You might be thinking, “I pay for car insurance, so why would I need a separate tire protection plan?” So, does car insurance cover tire expenses? The short answer is no—your car insurance is rarely a reliable option for tires. Let’s take a closer look. 

Technically speaking, certain kinds of tire damage might be covered by your car insurance—depending on how comprehensive your insurance is. However, there are a few points to consider before filing an insurance claim:

  • Deductible: You will have to meet your deductible before your insurance kicks in. If you are buying a $200 tire and your deductible is $500, you will still have to pay for the tire out of pocket. 
  • Insurance Rates: Filing a claim for your tire replacement(s) may raise your insurance rates—costing you more long-term. 
  • Type of Damage: Insurance coverage is often limited based on the source of your tire damage. If your tires are slashed, for example, a comprehensive insurance plan will likely cover this kind of damage. However, tire insurance seldom applies to road hazards—such as damage caused by nails, potholes, glass, and debris on the road. 

As such, car insurance is not necessarily an option when it comes to tire damage.  Many drivers choose Road Hazard Tire Protection as a safeguard instead. 

What is Road Hazard Tire Protection?

Tire distributors, local tire shops, and mechanics often sell tires with an optional Road Hazard Tire Protection plan. This tire insurance protects you against damage you might encounter on the road—filling the gap between your manufacturer warranty and your car insurance. A Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan includes three areas of coverage:

  • Tire Services: When you partner with Chapel Hill Tire’s protection plan, we will service your tires for their lifespan—so the service coverage (like free tire inflation and balancing) continues even after your warranty period ends. Your tire protection plan can easily pay for itself in the cost you save on tire services and preventing tire damage—such as that caused by low tire pressure.
  • Tire Repairs: Flat tires? Nail in your tires? Tires damaged by glass or debris on the road? Your Road Hazard Tire Protection plan has you covered. Your tire shop will complete the repairs for free.
  • Tire Replacement: If your road hazard damage cannot be repaired, the tire protection plan will include a free replacement. 

Not only are tire protection plans a worthy financial investment, but they can also put your mind at ease knowing that your tire investment is covered. We invite you to read our guide to Chapel Hill Tire Road Hazard Protection Plans here

Chapel Hill Tire: Industry-Leading Tire Protection

When you are due for new tires, Chapel Hill Tire offers a revolutionary tire buying experience. We make it easy to buy tires online with our Tire Finder Tool. Our local mechanics also help drivers protect their investment with our industry-leading Road Hazard Tire Protection Plan.

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