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Vehicle AC Services: Keeping You Cool This Summer

Has your car’s ac stopped working? As the spring heat begins ramping up, it is important to get your car ready. Here are 5 AC services that can keep you comfortable throughout the warmer months to come. 

Cabin Air Filter Change

Your cabin air filter keeps dirt, pollen, and other hazards out of your vehicle when you run your air conditioner. However, when your cabin air filter becomes old and dirty, it can slow or block the cool air from entering your car. It also makes your car’s AC system work harder than it needs to, which can cause larger issues down the road. An air filter change can improve your cabin air quality, boost the function of your car’s AC, and protect the longevity of your car’s air conditioning system. 

AC Performance Check and Diagnostics

Are you wondering if your air conditioner could be working better? An AC performance check will give experts a chance to evaluate how your AC is doing. If there is a problem, a professional can perform diagnostics to pinpoint where it is coming from. They will then work with you to you arrive at a plan to get it repaired.

AC System Recharge and Refrigerant Flush

Your car’s air conditioning requires proper refrigerant levels for adequate function. When your refrigerant leaks, your AC function will be immediately impacted. During an AC system recharge, an expert will work to solve both the source of this problem and its symptoms by finding and repairing the leak and replenishing your refrigerant levels.

A specialist will begin by injecting an ultraviolet dye into your air conditioning system. This will help them detect where the refrigerant is leaking. Once the leak has been located and repaired, your mechanic will use special equipment to remove all of the old refrigerant from your vehicle and replace it with fresh refrigerant to repair and replenish your car’s AC system.

Vehicle Air Conditioner Cleaning

When you notice an unusual smell when running your car’s AC, there could be mold or bacteria in your air. This often builds up on your evaporator when the drain tube becomes blocked, leaving water trapped in your system. Blocked drain tubes can impact your AC function and damage your system over time. An expert can clean your drain tube and your evaporator to return the function of your AC and eliminate the moldy smell.

Air Conditioning Part Repair and Replacement

Like most vehicle systems, your AC has several different components that all need to be in good working order for your AC to function properly. This includes your—

  • AC Evaporator
  • AC Thermal Expansion Valve
  • AC Condenser
  • AC Compressor
  • AC Accumulator or Drier

If there is an issue with any of these parts of your AC system, it will need to be professionally repaired or replaced before your system can function properly.

Chapel Hill Tire vehicle AC Services

If your car’s air conditioning unit is not working as it should, bring it to the experts at Chapel Hill Tire. Our professionals know the ins and outs of vehicle air conditioning and can get your unit working in no time. Make your appointment at any one of our eight Triangle-area locations to get started today!

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