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Vehicle Light Services: Staying Safe and Passing Your Inspection

Your vehicle’s lights are designed to help you stay safe, promote visibility, and communicate your vehicle’s movements with other cars on the road. Whether it is a dead headlight, a bad brake light, or a burnt-out turn signal bulb, missing one of your vehicle lights could create a serious accident. This is why having a dead bulb is a quick way to earn a ticket or fail your vehicle safety inspection. Here is everything you need to know about vehicle light services and what you can do when one of your bulbs goes dark. 

Turn Signal Bulb Replacements

I think it is safe to say that nobody enjoys an encounter with someone who doesn’t use their turn signals. This is for good reasons, as failure to indicate can create confusion on the road or cause an accident. However, even if you consistently use your turn signal, it will not be effective without a bright turn signal bulb. 

You can check your turn signal bulbs regularly by simply parking your car at home or another safe space. Next, press each of your turn signals individually or turn on your emergency lights to set them both off at the same time. Exit your vehicle and make sure that all of your turn signal bulbs are functioning and bright—including the bulbs on the rear and front ends of your vehicle. When you notice a bulb dimming, it is essential to get it replaced before it has the chance to burn out completely. 

Brake Light Bulb Replacement

It is best not to wait until you’re rear-ended before discovering that your brake lights are out. However, checking your brake lights is often more challenging than checking your turn signal lights. If possible, it is easiest to check your brake lights when you have someone’s help. Have a friend, partner, neighbor, co-worker, or family member press the brakes while you inspect the back of the car. If you can’t find someone to help you check your brakes, you may consider driving to a nearby mechanic. The experts at Chapel Hill Tire will check your brake lights for you for free to see if you are due for a new bulb.

Headlight Bulb Replacement

Unlike your brake lights or turn signal bulbs, issues with your headlights are incredibly easy to detect. This is because headlight issues should be apparent to you when you are driving at night. Has one of your lights gone dark? Driving with a single headlight presents serious safety issues and could earn you a ticket, which makes headlight bulb replacement a top priority. Thankfully, this service is quick, simple, and affordable. 

Keep in mind that headlight dimming does not always mean that your bulbs are going out. Headlights are made of acrylic, which can begin to oxidize over time as it is exposed to the sun’s UV rays. The oxidation gives your headlights a foggy, opaque, or yellowish tint. This is made worse by the dirt, dust, chemicals, and debris that can build up on your headlights over time. If your headlights are dimming out and your bulbs are in good condition, you may need headlight restoration. This service involves professional-grade cleaning and protection for your headlights to bring them back to life. 

What to do When a Vehicle Bulb Goes Out

It is essential to get your bulb replaced as soon as an issue arises. If you know your way around a car, your owner’s manual will detail bulb replacement processes that you can follow. However, the wiring, bulbs, and pieces surrounding your lights are often fragile and may be dangerous for inexperienced hands. Depending on your type of vehicle, this service might also require specialty tools. All of this is to say, vehicle bulb replacement is best left up to an expert. 

It is also important to note that your vehicle is a balanced machine, so every light has a pair between the left and right sides. In most cases, both lights in each pair were installed at the same time with the same type of bulbs. While this is not always the case, chances are that if one headlight, brake light, or turn signal light goes dark, its pair is not far behind. Many drivers choose to have the second bulb replaced to ensure that they will not be left immediately returning to the mechanic for the same service. 

Chapel Hill Tire Light Services

If you are due for a bulb replacement or light service, bring your vehicle to the experts at Chapel Hill Tire. We proudly offer these services through our eight Triangle-area mechanic locations, including Durham, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Raleigh. Make your bulb replacement appointment here online or give us a call today to get started!

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