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Why are my Headlights Foggy? Headlight Restoration Insight

Functioning headlights are essential to your vehicle’s performance and your safety on the road. What do you do when you are having a hard time seeing at night? Here is a quick guide to foggy, dim, or yellowing headlights and what you can do about them. 

Why Do Headlights Become Foggy?

Your car’s headlights are made of acrylic, a material that oxidizes when exposed to UV rays (such as those produced by the sun). Manufacturers make headlights with a protective coating that prevents this oxidization; however, the coating wears off over time. When the headlights oxidize, the clear acrylic acquires a foggy, yellowish tint. 

Your headlights may also accumulate a thick layer of buildup the longer they are on the road. They can acquire an opaque coating of chemicals, dirt, and other hazards. This will dim the brightness of your headlights and cause them to become increasingly ineffective. 

Cleaning Headlights

Once your headlights become ineffective, it is essential to get them restored as soon as possible. You may find DIY headlight restoration options; however, this vehicle service is best left to the experts. DIY headlight restoration provides a “bandaid” treatment instead of a solution, and can they leave your headlights in worse condition long-term. 

Headlight treatments are abrasive, and they must be done carefully to avoid damaging your lenses. Some DIY treatments (such as using bug spray) can temporarily clean your headlights. but they are known for damaging your paint with harmful residue runoff during rainy days. Additionally, when you complete this abrasive treatment but do not follow it with a professional sealant, the headlights will quickly yellow again, especially now that the layer beneath the surface is exposed without the proper protection.

How Headlight Restoration Works

So how do experts complete headlight restoration? First, using professional-grade materials, specialists will carefully remove the outer layer of oxidation and grime present on your lenses. This will eliminate the damaged components of your headlights while preserving the rest. They will then extensively clean and polish your headlights, restoring them to their former brightness. Finally, they apply a heat seal that will keep your headlights clearer for longer by preventing oxidization and material buildup.

Importance of Headlight Restoration

If your headlights are foggy or ineffective, they will undoubtedly impact your visibility on the road. This can lead to accidents when you are driving at night, through tunnels, or during inclement weather. Additionally, when your headlights are dim, it is more difficult for other drivers to see you, leaving you more vulnerable to mishaps.

Headlight restoration can make your headlights seem brand new and give you the visibility you need to keep yourself and others safe on the road. 

Headlight Service: Replacement Bulbs

If your headlights are not foggy or dirty but you still cannot see well, you might have a dead or dimming bulb. On top of posing risks to your safety, this issue can earn you a ticket or cause you to fail your next vehicle inspection. While the cost varies slightly depending on your vehicle and the lights needed (one headlight, both headlights, brake lights, and more), this essential vehicle service is quick and affordable. You can even find a vehicle service coupon to help with the cost. Contact your mechanic to see how much a headlight bulb replacement service will cost you. 

Chapel Hill Tire Headlight Restoration

If you need a professional headlight restoration, contact the experts at Chapel Hill Tire. Our professionals offer elite headlight repair and restoration services in Chapel Hill, Raleigh, Durham, and Carrboro. Our curbside service or pickup and delivery options can have you safely and conveniently on your way. Schedule your appointment to get started today!

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