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Why Isn’t My Car Starting?

5 Reasons Why Your Car Might Not Be Starting

Car difficulties can be frustrating, especially when you find that your car will not start. Vehicle starting issues can be disruptive and inconvenient to your day and your schedule. Thankfully, starting issues are often easy to repair, especially when you have an idea of what is causing your vehicle’s troubles. Here are five common reasons why your car might not be starting:

Starting Problem 1: Bad Battery

If your battery is old, malfunctioning, or no longer retaining its charge, you are likely due for a new battery. You might also be experiencing corrosion or other battery issues that have lead to a decline in function. While issues with your battery are inconvenient, these are quick and simple to replace. If a new battery does not resolve your starting issues, the culprit likely exists outside of a bad battery. Starting system diagnostics can help you arrive at the source of this problem. 

Starting Problem 2: Dead Battery

A dead battery can happen even when your battery is newer or in good health. There are both internal and external factors that can contribute to this failure to start. Here are some potential culprits of a dead battery:

  • Car Lights and Plugs—If you have a habit of leaving chargers plugged in, your headlights on, or lights on in your car, you might be draining your battery while you are away. It is best to tend to these matters when your car is off or in standby, when possible. 
  • Patterns of Use—Your car’s battery recharges while you are driving. If you leave your car sitting for extended periods of time, this can drain the battery and prevent it from starting when you return. 
  • Malfunctioning Parts—If there is a malfunctioning part in your car that is using more energy than usual, this can also drain extra power from your battery. 
  • Cold Weather—A dead battery can be caused simply by cold weather, which can drain a large percentage of your battery’s charge. It is best to have an aging battery inspected, serviced, or replaced each year before the winter season becomes severe.

Remaining aware of sources that may be causing problems and protecting your battery can keep your it healthy and lasting longer. 

Starting Problem 3: Failing Alternator

In terms of vehicle parts and systems that drain your battery’s charge, the alternator is a frequent instigator of this type of issue. When your alternator is malfunctioning or failing, your car will depend entirely on your battery. This will quickly and severely drain your vehicle’s battery life. 

Starting Problem 4: Starter Issues

Your vehicle’s starting system might be experiencing issues that prevent your car from turning over. This issue could be rooted in the wiring, the igniter switch, the starting motor, or any other system issue. While determining the exact cause of a starter issue is not easy on your own, a professional can easily diagnose and repair these troubles.

Starting Problem 5: Battery Terminal Issues

Corrosion and debris can build on and around your battery, preventing charge and stopping your vehicle from turning over. Your battery terminals might be in need of a cleaning or you might need to replace your battery terminal ends. An expert can help you complete these services, which will preserve your battery and keep your car starting in the future. 

Vehicle Service Near Me

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