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How To Protect Your Battery From Cold Weather

The average lifespan of a car battery is roughly three to five years. However, you might notice that your battery struggles more during seasons of extreme weather—especially when it is nearing a needed replacement. According to the experts at AAA, a car battery can lose up to 60% of its charge during periods of severely low temperatures. The cold weather can take a toll on even the newest and healthiest batteries, so here is what you can do to protect your battery from the effects of the cold. 

Drive Your Car Regularly

If the weather permits, you can protect your car battery during the winter season by driving it regularly. Because your battery recharges while you are driving, leaving your car sitting for weeks or months at a time can leave your battery drained, especially during intense cold seasons. Driving it regularly will give it the chance to recharge.

If you are worried about your battery in the cold weather, you should also try to avoid driving your car in short bursts. When the cold weather drains some of the life out of your battery and then you use its charge to crank your car, your battery will likely be running low on life. If you then drive it for only a minute or two before turning it off and letting it sit again in the cold, it will not have the time it needs to recharge. Especially if it is an older battery, this can leave it defenseless to the cold weather. 

Park in the Garage

You can provide your battery with protection from the cold by parking in a garage or underneath a covered area. This will keep snow or ice from landing and freezing on your vehicle. Garages, while often not heavily insulated, can also provide a warmer space for your car. If you are not used to parking in the garage, remember to always open your garage door before starting your car so that you are not trapped with the exhaust fumes.

Quality Battery Selection

A helpful way to assure the cold weather does not get the best of your car battery is to set yourself up for success with a high-quality battery. If you aim for a lower-quality battery, you might find it fading sooner than a more quality alternative. In the moment of purchase, you might save a little money, but you will likely pay more long-term with the more frequent battery replacements. This is especially true during the seasons of extreme weather. If you find your battery does not survive the winter weather, replace it with one that will last you as long as possible. Your vehicle and your future self will surely thank you for this investment. 

Preventative Maintenance and Care

If you notice that your battery is corroded or has defective terminal ends, it will be more susceptible to the adverse effects of cold weather. In fact, these conditions can cause your battery to stop working at any possible time, in any season. You can also have your battery, your starting system, and your charging system tested by a local mechanic. These services can protect your battery, allowing it to persevere through harsh weather. 

Keep Jumper Cables or a Battery Pack

If your battery is nearing the end of its lifespan, it is important to keep a battery pack or jumper cables in your car. This will give you the charge you need to get your car to a mechanic for a new battery. Read our eight-step guide to jump-starting a car if you need help getting it going. Once your car is running, schedule an appointment with your local vehicle service experts to get it replaced before it fails you again.

Hybrid and Electric Car Batteries in Cold Weather

The cold weather and its impacts on battery life can be especially challenging for drivers of electric and hybrid cars. The depletion of charge can impact your vehicle’s driving range, requiring more frequent charges and hindering trips of longer distances. This makes these measures of protection especially important for your vehicle. Visit a Certified Hybrid Repair Center for help to have your battery regularly inspected and cared for.

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