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4 Car Care Resolutions to Save You Money in 2022

As we settle into 2022, you might be trying to stay on top of your New Year’s resolutions. Did saving money make your list? The mechanics at Chapel Hill Tire may be able to help! Here is a look at 4 maintenance services and car care tips that can save you money this year.

1. Maintain Proper Tire Care

Did you know that proper tire care can help you save money at the pump? Imagine riding a bike with a flat, uneven, or damaged tire? It requires much more energy than riding a healthy bike. The same concept applies to your car. If your tires are out of shape, your car will have to work harder (and use more gas) to produce results. This extra effort can also lead to costly repairs as it extends stress to multiple vehicle systems. It is important to keep up with tire rotations and routinely check your tire pressure, age, and tread depth. You can also keep an eye out for signs of a nail in your tires or uneven tread wear (such as one tire becoming more worn out than the others).

2. Keep Up With Routine Oil Changes

Do you find your oil change dashboard light constantly lit? While our mechanics won’t judge you for your oil change neglect, we will warn you of the extra costs this can bring. A simple (and affordable) oil change can save you thousands of dollars in engine damage. Oil has vital cooling properties—absorbing up to 40% of your engine’s heat. It also lubricates your engine, allowing this system of parts to work together seamlessly. Together, these functions can help you dodge the most costly engine problems. 

Dirty, old, depleted, and contaminated engine oil can also cause some extra unexpected costs. For example, did you know that degraded engine oil can cause premature battery failure—especially in the winter? In the colder months, your engine oil will move more slowly—causing strain on your battery. If your engine oil is contaminated, it will require even more effort from your battery—often leading to premature failure. As such, routine oil changes may help extend the lifespan of your battery. Visiting a local mechanic for fresh engine oil can also help you save money at the pump by eliminating unnecessary exertion from your vehicle. 

3. Don’t Forget Cabin Air Filter Changes

When you find your vehicle’s heater or air conditioner broken, many drivers assume they are simply low on coolant. However, your car’s HVAC system circulates coolant through a sealed system. What does that mean? Unlike your engine oil, coolant does not become depleted over time unless there is an underlying problem. It is a much larger service to find and repair the source of the leak. The most common cause of damaged vehicle HVAC systems is dirty cabin air filters

As the air filters become clogged, they will have to work harder to pass air through. This added stress can cause costly HVAC system damage. You can save money and stay comfortable by ensuring your cabin air filter stays clean this year. 

4. Accept Help When You Need It

Between work, family, friends, and other obligations, you might not always have time to visit a mechanic. Busy scheduling can make it impossible to take advantage of cost-saving services. This year, we implore our drivers to accept a little help when they need it. If you need help keeping up with your car care, Chapel Hill Tire will come to you with our pick-up and delivery mechanic service. During this service, our professionals will come to your home or work and bring your vehicle back to the shop. Once it is fully serviced, we will drop it back off to you. Car care (and New Year’s resolutions) have never been more simple. 

Chapel Hill Tire Convenient Car Care

The professionals at Chapel Hill tire are here to help you meet all of your car care resolutions and save money this year. We proudly serve the greater Triangle area with our 9 locations across Apex, Raleigh, Carrboro, Chapel Hill, and Durham. Our professionals also serve surrounding communities, including Wake Forest, Pittsboro, Cary, Knightdale, Hillsborough, Morrisville, and beyond. We invite you to make your appointment here online or give our professionals a call to get started today!

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