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Help! Where Should I Get My Oil Changed?

Is it time for your next oil change? This service is essential for keeping your vehicle protected long-term, and it is one of the most frequently needed maintenance visits. So, where should you go for your oil change? Should you visit a dealership? Or how do you choose a mechanic? The professionals at Chapel Hill Tire are here to help. 

Oil Change at the Dealership

Should you get your oil changed at the dealership? For most drivers, the answer is no. However, there are a few cases in which you may opt for dealership car services. 

Dealership Service Warranties

One of the biggest reasons you may visit a dealership for an oil change is if you have a service warranty. These are often included for a limited time in most new car purchases. If you are covered under a service warranty, it is often best to take advantage of these free oil changes. 

Specialty Parts and Vehicle Care

It is a prominent myth that certain vehicles—like European cars, hybrids, and high-end models—require specialist care and unique parts that you won’t find at a mechanic. Most mechanics are certified and equipped for these services, perhaps even considering them a specialty. However, you should give your local mechanic a call if you are concerned they won’t have the parts needed for your vehicle. In the rare case that they will not service your vehicle, you might want to opt for a dealership. 

With these exceptions in mind, your dealership is often not the best recourse for an oil change. Dealerships are often associated with long wait times, poor customer care, and more expensive services.

Auto Mechanic Oil Changes

Most drivers will visit a mechanic for their next oil change. Mechanics are associated with high-quality services, lower wait times, affordable prices, widespread expertise, and better customer service. 

What To Look for in a Mechanic

So how do you choose which mechanic to bring your vehicle to for your oil change? Here are some things to look for:

  • Coupons: You can save on your oil change by finding a mechanic that offers coupons, promotions, specials, and discounts.
  • Transparent pricing: Why would your mechanic keep their pricing a secret? Not only does this raise suspicion, but it can also leave you with a surprise bill at the end of your service. It is best to opt for a mechanic that offers transparent pricing. 
  • Good reviews: Find a mechanic that is trusted and supported by your community by looking at reviews and social media.
  • Shuttle services: Shuttle services are offered by certain mechanics who will drive you to your work or home while your vehicle is getting the care it needs.
  • Convenient locations: It is helpful to find a mechanic located conveniently to your home, work, or a local shopping center. 

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