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8 Reasons to Buy Your Tires From a Local Tire Shop

Here at Chapel Hill Tire, our local tire business thrives because of our loyal customers and community support. However, our customers return time and time again because they receive a higher standard of service than offered by wholesale tire shops or nationwide chains. Here is a closer look at 8 benefits of buying from a local tire and mechanic business like Chapel Hill Tire.

Support Local and Small Businesses

When you buy from a local tire shop, you are supporting small businesses in your community. This helps support your neighbors, create jobs in your area, and mobilize your local economy. Rather than putting money into the pockets of huge corporations, buying tires from a local shop will help keep your area thriving.

Save Money: Price Beat Guarantee

Small businesses have earned a misleading reputation for high prices, when, in fact, you can often achieve much lower prices when buying tires from a community company. For example, when you find tires from a wholesale distributor or a nationwide tire chain, you may think that they will give you the lowest price possible. However, when you bring your quote to the local tire experts at Chapel Hill Tire, you will be met with our Price Beat Guarantee. Under our Price Beat Guarantee, we will take 10% off the difference in your lowest eligible tire pricing quote. This means that you are getting lower than your lowest price—in addition to all of the other benefits of buying local. 

Personable Service from Local Tire Experts

To large chain tire shops, you may be just another face. However, small businesses like Chapel Hill Tire are known for building lasting relationships with our customers. As a local community business, we treat everyone who walks through our doors like family. 

Tire Deals, Coupons, and Promotions

It seems at times like large-scale tire businesses and mechanic chains try to get the most money possible from their customers. This is why many of them lack transparent pricing or detailed service information. Chapel Hill Tire is different. We make our prices available to customers, so you are never met with last-minute pricing surprises. Additionally—on top of everyday low prices—local tire shops often offer deals, coupons, and promotions to help ensure that you are getting a great price on your tires. 

Service Perks and Other Speciality Offerings

When you partner with a community business that cares deeply about its customers, you will see this reflected in the buying experience. Chapel Hill Tire offers specialty perks to help our customers get the new tires and vehicle care they need. For example, we offer a shuttle service that will bring you to work, school, or home while your car is serviced. Our local experts also offer vehicle pick-up/delivery for even easier high-quality care. Best of all, we offer available comprehensive tire warranties with our Road Hazard Tire Protect Plan—coverage you will not find at a wholesale shop.

Enhanced Tire Selection

Large tire distributors often partner with certain brands to earn their wholesale discounts and return a higher profit. Rather than engaging in tire brand loyalty, local tire shops like Chapel Hill Tire can often offer a wider selection. This helps you find tires that are right for your vehicle, preferences, and budget. Best of all, you can view our tire selection online using our Tire Finder tool

Quick Attention and Professional Expertise

Unlike large chain tire stores, small businesses are more likely to put you first, offering quick service and detail-oriented attention. Here at Chapel Hill Tire, we take the time to offer our professional expertise and insight. Rather than trying to sell you on our new tires and services, we will help you understand the needs of your vehicle, so you never feel like you are being taken advantage of. 

Mechanic Expertise for Tire Service

Our tire expertise is written into our name here at Chapel Hill Tire, but each of our tire professionals are also skilled mechanics. We know that your vehicle is a complicated network of internal systems. Sometimes, a tire issue is not a tire issue at all—but rather a problem with your steering system, your rims, or your brakes. Our comprehensive expertise allows our local tire shop to protect your tires and repair your vehicle with our wide range of mechanic services.

Chapel Hill Tire: Your Local Tire Shop

Whether you need new tires, a vehicle service, an annual inspection, or a tire service, the local experts at Chapel Hill Tire are here to help you. We proudly serve customers throughout the Triangle with our 9 locations—including Raleigh, Durham, Carrboro, and Chapel Hill. Make an appointment with our community tire professionals to get the care you deserve at a price you can afford today!

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